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‘Gurujana’ is a musical tribute to 15th–16th century Assamese polymath Srimanta Sankardeva



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Goa Khabar :Gurujana is a tribute to 15th–16th century Assamese polymath Srimanta Sankardeva.”

Sankardeva is called Gurujana (elder brother) by the people of Assam and other parts of Northeast India”, said Director Sudipto Sen. He was speaking at an interaction with the media and festival delegates organised by PIB at IFFI 53 in Goa today.

Sudipto Sen added that Sankardeva emerged not only as a Bhakti Saint but also as a phenomenal writer and musician. He also helped devise a new literary language called Brajvali.

Director Sudipto Sen at the ‘IFFI Table Talk’ at the 53rd IFFI, Goa

The celebrated filmmaker observed that he felt that there is a lack of awareness that, our country had seen a reformist resurgence in the form of the ‘Bhakti’ movement a few centuries even before the European Renaissance.

Sharing the inspiration behind making Gurujana Sudipto Sen said, “I felt I needed to take Sankardeva’s message to not only India but across the world. I have given him a musical tribute through this non-feature film.

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