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Madhuri Dixit gets candid about life, career and family while in Goa



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Goa Khabar: The ever youthful and elegant actor Madhuri Dixit was in Goa and spoke about her immense love and admiration for her trade which gets her to walk onto the sets for work with the same enthusiasm even today as she had over a decade ago.

In attendance at Goafest 2022 and in conversation with actress Tisca Chopra, India’s ‘Dhak Dhak’ girl Madhuri Dixit who made her way into the hearts of millions all over the world, she spoke candidly about her life, family and career.

The session brought to light Madhuri Dixit’s journey through her career, her ups and downs, her future projects and more. Looking back at her initial days in the industry she said “I came to the movies very early but started questioning my decision as it was not working out for me. But I continued to put in the good work and then Tezaab proved to be an overnight success. So, I say to everyone here, things may take time, but always continue to do the good work consistently.”

Madhuri credits her mom for supporting and holding her hand through that initial phase. “My mother told me to give it my all and to put in the hard work with dedication. She believed in me and was an immense source of encouragement and support to me”, says Madhuri.

Flashing her smile which enthralled fans globally, she spoke about how she holds value in the little things in life. She said, “It’s the little things in life which inspire me like someone’s smile or the amazing performances by the children on Dance Deewane, the reality show”.

 Speaking about her family Madhuri said that it was a dream of hers to have a family and she spoke fondly about the decade she spent in the US after she married cardiovascular and thoracic surgeon Dr Shriram Nene. She also narrated an incident where she said she got her neighbors in Denver to watch Bollywood films and joked about how she got the industry a new set of fans. Staying true to her roots she decided to make her way back to India with her family as she wanted her children to experience life in India which she says that they have come to love and enjoy.

Madhura spoke about her love for reels on Instagram and how much she enjoys making them and dropped a mention about a song that will be released soon, on her birthday, called ‘Tu Hai Mera’ which is dedicated to all her fans for their love and support throughout her career.