• YIMBY is India’s first one-stop shop consumer brand in Waste Management.
  • The goal is to effectively curb the problem of waste, be it, solid or liquid waste, through effective products, projects and services.
  • Conducts various socio-environmental events such as beach cleanup drives and workshops on composting, sustainability etc.

Goa Khabar: Environment conservation has been a major concern since a long time and there has always been a cry to opt for or make some products that are environment friendly, sustainable or bio- degradable.  The problem of proper waste disposal and waste management is at an increase and, with such a busy lifestyle we tend to sideline the seriousness of the situation. Fortunately, very few people have realized the seriousness of this issue and are trying to create a change among the masses through their various innovations which are not only meant for personal use but is also a fruitful option for various industries and companies. Hence, with the launch of not only Goa’s but rather India’s first Waste Management Consumer Brand, YIMBY is providing with you with variety of waste management products and services- be it liquid waste or solid waste for your various requirements.

The acronym ‘YIMBY’ stand for ‘YES IN MY BACK YARD.’ The brand has been introduced by our very own Goan startup company named Inovativa Waste Aid & Management Pvt. Ltd. which has been founded by Goa’s very own Gaurav Pokle. “We are very much excited to be India’s first waste management consumer center and we hope that through this initiative we can not only create awareness but also execute our vision of sustainability across the country since our nation is rapidly growing and we as a nation are constantly changing towards a better, self-sufficient future,” says Gaurav Pokle, Founder -YIMBY.

Inovativa Waste Aid & Management Pvt. Ltd. is a mission driven waste management company that strives to provide effective innovative solutions for the problem of solid & liquid waste. Since the company is well equipped to manage waste from point of generation stage to disposal stage, it is very much time saving as the customer does not have to liaise with numerous suppliers to get the services set up. It also plays a very important role of cost reduction as getting all your waste streams disposed of by one supplier often comes with discounted rates and lastly, all your recycling and waste statistics are analyzed in one place thus, keeping things simple and saving your time.

Just like any other store, YIMBY is a one-stop shop for the various eco-friendly alternatives.  The store has a wide variety of eco- friendly products for daily use such as bagasse crockery, toothbrushes, wooden cutlery, water bottles and cotton bags to various composters and compostable products as well. The key feature of this very store is that the entire infrastructure is built using eco-friendly materials itself.

Apart from this, YIMBY not only focuses on serving Individuals but also bulk waste generators like housing complexes, commercial buildings, industries and urban local bodies. It delivers recycling and waste management solutions designed to be flexible, economical and sustainable. Along with this, YIMBY also conducts various environmental drives as well as imparts the importance of environment conservation among students by supporting the Down to Earth Community which has organized various beach cleanup drives and workshops on composting and various other topics.

With its goal of not just waste treatment, but also reduction of waste and a sustainable surrounding, YIMBY is striving towards a better future and it is through the various initiatives that they intend to educate, train, and influence individuals as well as institutions about sustainability and waste management.