Violent BJP workers still at large

  • AAP Goa Convenor called in for investigation by Maina-Curtorim Police
Goa Khabar : Aam Aadmi Party Goa Convenor Rahul Mhambre was called in for investigation by Maina Curtorim police station for a summon which was registered by the magistrate for protesting outside the house of theCongress turned BJP Nuvem MLA Wilfred Dsa. The AAP was condemning the act of violence that was meted out on the AAP leaders and volunteers. when they had gone to present the turncoat MLA with a cake. AAP will always abide by the processes of the law of the land. However we must point out that no action has been taken against the perpetrators of violence namely the supporters of Babushan and BJP workers.
The Aam Aadmi Party condemned the misuse of the government machinery to suppress the voice of the Goans represented by the party leaders by the Chief Minister of the state Pramod Sawant and by the BJP government.  AAP and it’s the party leaders cannot be stifled unlike Congress and other parties which the BJP has been doing for all these years. In case BJP thinks that even AAP’s voice can be stifled then they are in for a surprise.
Rahul Mhambre strongly replied to this shameful act by the BJP and Sawant Sarkar stating”AAP cannot be intimidated or stifled like the Congress. BJP’s intimidation tactics will not work on our party. AAP is the only party that can take on BJP and will stand for Goans! Today outside of AAP  there is no opposition in Goa today and Goans have only  AAP which will fight for their demands and rights”
It is very much evident that the Chief Minister of Goa and his BJP party is making use of the government machinery to suppress AAP which has won the hearts of Goans. In last 2 years we had 5 to 6 shoot outs while in last 20 years we did not even have 5 shoot outs. It’s unfortunate that the CM who is also Home Minister instead of tackling the crime situation is now busy stifling the voice of AAP that represents the people of Goa.
The work of AAP in Goa during the time of pandemic whether it is providing oxygen cylinders, a doctors helpline which served as a lifeline for Goans, free food distribution outside hospitals or  to the recent campaign of their door-to-door free ration delivery has rattled the BJP Government in Goa. The mega announcement by the AAP National Convenor and the Chief Minister of Delhi Shri Arvind Kejriwal of electricity free up to 300 units and uninterrupted 24×7 power supply for Goans has sent a shockwave to the BJP Government.