Vinay Pathak, Raima Sen and Salim Diwan starrer Aliya Basu Gayab Hai is a romantic thriller featuring three different sexualities


~ The intriguing first look of Aliya Basu Gayab Hai was launched today ~

~ The Vinay Pathak, Raima Sen and Salim Diwan starrer Aliya Basu Gayab Hai marks the directorial debut of noted ad filmmaker Preeti Singh ~

Goa Khabar: The captivating first look of Aliya Basu Gayab Hai – a romantic thriller featuring Vinay PathakRaima Sen and Salim Diwan was unveiled today.

Produced by Rehab Pictures Pvt Ltd and directed by Preeti SinghAliya Basu Gayab Hai  is a romatic thriller featuring three different sexualities.

The film’s content is very unique and never seen before in Indian cinema. The film portrays characters with different sexual orientations and complexities of human emotions. It shows how far a person will go to save himself/herself and how destiny has its own way of catching up. The team didn’t reveal much of the story as it is a thriller and the plot of the film is the main take-away.

Dr. Sattar Diwan, Dr. D.J Zawar and Preeti Singh have produced this daring film Aliya Basu Gayab Hai under the banner ofRehab Pictures Pvt Ltd which had previously produced the critically acclaimed Bollywood Diaries which featured Salim Diwan, Vineet Singh (Mukkabaaz), Raima Sen and Ashish Vidyarthi (Drohkaalin the lead roles.

Aliya Basu Gayab Hai is also the second film of actor Salim Diwan who made an impressive debut with Bollywood Diaries.

The film features Salim Diwan in yet another challenging role after Bollywood Diaries, which cast him in an equally challenging and unconventional role.

The film also marks the directorial debut of Preeti Singh, also a well-known ad film director.

Talking about the launch of Aliya Basu Gayab Hai’s first look, a visibly excited Preeti Singh said, “I am so thankful to my producers, cast and crew for this wonderful experience. Initially this film was a tough nut to crack but actors like these were a delight to work with, they give so much confidence to you as a maker that the process becomes fun, it’s a very complex human drama film and we can cannot wait to show the film to audiences.”

Actor Vinay Pathak was also gung-ho about the launch of Aliya Basu Gayab Hai’s first look and said, When I heard thescript of Aliya Basu Gayab Hai, I knew that I had to do the film at all costs. It’s a film replete with surprises and twists that will catch you completely unaware. It was wonderful working with Preeti, Raima, Salim and rest of this talented crew. I hope audiences will have an equally enjoyable time while watching it.”

Actor Raima Sen was similarly delighted about Aliya Basu Gayab Hai’s first look launch and said, “I am eagerly looking forward to this film. After a long time, I am very kicked about a script and my role. It was a great experience working with Vinay, Salim and Preeti. We all have put in our best efforts and I am sure watching Aliya Basu Gayab Hai will be a very thrilling experience for audiences.”

Actor Salim Diwan who plays one of the main leads in Aliya Basu Gayab Hai said, “My last film Bollywood Diaries was released in February 2016 and since then I have been eagerly looking out for good scripts. I met Preeti on a shoot where she narrated me the story of Aliya Basu Gayab Hai and I got goosebumps while listening to it.

Without wasting much time, I said – Please hire me! (laughs). It was a great experience working with Preeti, Vinay, Raima and my entire crew. It was a very challenging film for me, but I am grateful that this script came to me at such an early stage of my career.