#TeraMeraBeach Campaign completes 100 Days


~ Organised by Drishti Marine, the 100-day celebration of the campaign witnessed Montry Manuel produce splendid beats with instruments made out of waste, plastic and metal ~

~ This campaign is in an effort to create an awareness on keeping beaches clean and to educate people about the importance of waste segregation. The innovative campaign will spread across Baga, Calangute, Candolim, Miramar and Colva beaches ~

 Goakhabar:It was an eventful evening in Goa as the #TeraMeraBeach campaign celebrated 100 days with a large number of tourists and visitors enjoying the fantastic beats of Thaalavattam as the sun set over Miramar beach, one of Goa’s most popular beaches.

The unique public awareness campaign #TeraMeraBeach is aimed at educating people on cleanliness and beach management along the coastal stretch. Aimed at visitors to Goa especially domestic visitors, #TeraMeraBeach is a 150-day beach awareness campaign to a cleaner Goa rolled out in mid-November last year.

The celebration kicked off with tourists and visitors drumming to the rhythmic beats of Djembes, followed by the adorning of the art installation at the beach with various items of waste collected during the clean-up drive. It was followed by a performance by Montry Manuel of Thaalavattam who produce splendid beats with instruments made out of waste, plastic and metal. Richard Dias, MD, Saligao Waste Management Plant spoke on the occasion.

Montry Manuel, Thaalavattam produced fantastic beats with his drum kit made out of recycled waste to spread the message of environmental conservation through music with the motto – Reduce, Reuse, Retune. The music left visitors clapping, foot-tapping and moving to the rhythmic beats produced on discarded metal jugs, used PVC pipes, a paint bucket and symbols made from waste metal sheets.

Said Richard Dias, Managing Director, Saligao Waste Treatment Plant, “The litter comes from us. We are the reason there is garbage. We need to point the finger to ourselves and say that we are the ones creating garbage. Once we acknowledge this fact, we will be able to reduce the amount of garbage we produce. We need to segregate waste into dry and wet waste and treat the waste accordingly. I would like all of you to take back with you three things from this wonderful #TeraMeraBeach campaign put together by Drishti Marine. Firstly wherever you live, segregate waste. Secondly, do not throw waste anywhere but into the garbage bins or take the waste back with you to the hotel you stay in or back to your house and dispose it off in the correct garbage bin. Lastly reduce the amount of plastic you use.”

Ravi Shankar, CEO, Drishti Marine said, “We are delighted to complete a 100 successful days of the #TeraMeraBeach campaign. We started this campaign with an aim to create an awareness on beach clean-up and teach people about the importance of waste segregation.”

The successful #TeraMeraBeach campaign which took place at Baga and Miramar will spread to Calangute, Candolim and Colva beaches.  The campaign consists of daily drum circles lead by musicians from Taal Inc. followed by each participant of #TeraMeraBeach adding one piece from the collected waste to the community art installation. The art installation consists of bottles, cans, papers, cloth etc. collected by the participants during the clean-up drive.

Through #TeraMeraBeach Drishti Marine in association with Taal Inc. will educate visitors on waste generation and waste management through music and art to raise awareness on keeping Goa’s beaches clean.

#TeraMeraBeach aims to make visitors responsible and aware of the necessity to use bins along the beach, segregate waste and participate in beach clean-ups. This campaign is supported by Goa Tourism, Video Volunteers, Museum of Goa and Veab to raise awareness on keeping Goa’s beaches clean.