Superintendent of Police, Traffic warns of Kiki challenge

Goa Khabar:The Superintendent of Police, Traffic  has warned people on the Kiki Challenge as it is highly dangerous to ones own safety and that of other road users adding that they want you to be safe.
The Kiki challenge videos which have been going viral on social media wherein a person leaps out of moving vehicle on the road and dances while his/her video is being made.
The Supdt of Police has warned of strict action under Motor Vehicle Act such as dangerous driving and under Indian Penal Code can be taken against such person. He/She is also liable to be arrested and the vehicle can also be confiscated.
People have been urged to stay away from such foolish challenges, even if some crazy celebrities are doing it. But, instead have been asked to take some other good challenges such as clearing competitive examination, staying fit and healthy, helping poor and needy, quitting smoking / alcohol etc.