SUNNY IDEAS UP at Goafest 2018 Day 2


Goakhabar:Day 1 of Goafest ended on a high and desi note, and day 2 started
sunny and warm – outside as well as inside Hyatt. To kick-start day 2,
we had 3 prolific speakers who tossed sunny ideas, spoke of a world of
robots and humans, epitomised inspiration and spoke, in their own
ways, of a Better Tomorrow.


It was humans and robots and all things Artificial (Intelligence) in
the first session of the day by Dean Donaldson, Transformational
Strategist and Jonathan Tavss, Digital Futurist, Kaleidoko. The duo
were overwhelmed the crowd with ideas and new technology and the need
for a future for personalisation. Jonathan and Dean both spoke about
how the future for India was exciting and ever growing. They also said
the one thing that seems to be the underlying idea of all the sessions
so far at Goafest – The future is in the people. Technology will come
around to meet the needs of people.

We need a rebirth in media, and the two super engaging speakers
elaborated on that by saying that rebirth is equal to ‘block chain +
predictive + AI’. From 2g to 6g, we have indeed come a long way,
because it’s all about universal connectivity. “There are 8.3 billion
connected devices, more than the number of people on the planet. This
means there will be 500 billion devices by 2030; which is an average
of 60 devices per person.” Dean added to the mind boggling stats by
saying, “Brands jump in every time there is new technology. But
hyper-connectivity is equal to oversaturation. We have so much choice,
we spend half our time scrolling through content, instead of actually
consuming it. It’s overwhelming! This is where targeting plays its

Jonathan then went on to talk about block chain for brands and how, in
his words, “Generation alpha is never going to use cash; and they are
all going to have an imaginary best friend named Alexa.” The
discussion then went on to robots taking over the world, and becoming
the second

biggest purchase for us by 2030 after a home.

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There is a massive industry shift. The future is about connections
between digital and biological. There’s change in the offing like we
have never seen before. And AI is going to take over. Research says
that humans are more likely to chat on text, than with humans. “It’s
about true personal recommendations. We need to take all data from the
multiple touchpoints and throw it in a giant data lake. This is when
we can get true personalisation”, Jonathan added.

“Personal assistants will start predicting my life.” That’s the true
essence of AI.

By 2025, we might have a little chip and intel inside our minds. So
what else is the future? It’s Genomedia! “Brands will start targeting
based on genes. Geno-targeted advertising is going to become a
reality,” the duo added. Before they ended their session and paved way
for the next speaker, they said that the future is all about
customisation and personalisation. Humans and machines will come
closer or might even merge.


From AI, the session moved to the next hot topic – Internet of Things
or IoT. Cameron Worth, Founder SharpEnd minced no words and spoke
about a world where data comes first. He spoke about how his team
works on bringing brands and IoT together. “Today, the role of brands
is shifting. Brands must respond to the shift in landscape and
platforms. New platforms need new specialists”. Web 3.0 – plug context
into conversations with IoT. Brands are adopting tech innovation at
scale already. Consumers are connected; you should be too.


Next came the effervescent Sparsh Shah aka Purhythm, the 14-year-old
singing prodigy who began the session by singing the National Anthem.
Sparsh has been learning Hindustani classical music for the last
seven-and-a-half years and American vocal music for the last three
years. The multi-talented artist performs at community events and has
appeared on local radio stations and television shows and much more.
Born with over 40 fractures in his body because of a rare disease
called Osteogenesis Imperfecta, he epitomises resilience. “Music is my
great escape.”

Every bit of his session was met with applause. He was inspiring,
encouraging and radiating warm. “There are two very important
principles with which I live my life. One is self-responsibility. I
truly believe that every issue can be solved. If you believe something
won’t happen to you, it won’t happen to you. If you want something
really, you will make it happen. Purpose of life is a life of purpose.
Isn’t it? We have to be responsible for ourselves and ask one
question, how can we help others walk their journey? The second point
is social responsibility. Advertising plays a huge role in society.
Growing up and living in the age of information, we should all know
that we spend at least 12 hours on media. What we receive from these
media platforms is crucial. In this fast paced world of
advertisements, people really do believe what they see. With great
power comes great responsibility. We have to be the role models. We
can change society’s attitude. Be the voice of specially abled people.
We need to build campaigns to make society accessible.”

As he ended his session to thundering applause and a standing ovation,
he spoke about inclusive advertisements. We do believe that there is
no better satisfaction than giving back to those who are in need. As
the first half of day 1 ended with robots, people and connections, the
one big takeaway was: Be real, be righteous, be relevant. Peace out.