Goa Khabar:You’re tastes in the variety of life’s choices are what defines aura and lifestyle. Some cheap thrills could have your endorphins rushing while some experiences will caress the feeling of sophistication in yourself. Now imagine having to have the elite lifestyle with the goodness of luxury that make you have a rollercoaster ride while that champagne shines in your hand. The feeling, when materialised brings you at the doors of Toy Beach Club. Sitting cosily in the beaches of Candolim, Goa, Toy Beach Club is home to the marvellously proportionate blend of heartbeat elevating music, nirvana inducing list of cocktails and beverages and food that makes you feel like it’s your day. Founded by Mr.Sandip Gupta and Mr.Rajdip Gupta who are all set to give the world a ‘classic-wine and dine’, Toy offers a 365-day Sunburn experience for its guests.
To authenticate the mad music experience that is being promised, Sunburn White has come together with Toy Beach Club, to give you the experience of Sunburn White with extra special facilities for people who look forward to celebrate life’s speciality.
Known for being the lifestyle capital of the state, North Goa happens to be the perfect fitment for Sunburn white to launch its first franchise at Candolim with Toy Beach Club.
All Sunburn White outlets will have fully curated F&B and music experience done by the best in the industry. Sunburn White will feature unique music events featuring the best global talent. Going forward, Sunburn will look at expanding to international destinations such as Sri Lanka, Thailand and other South Asian countries to launch Sunburn White.
Sunburn White aims at truly redefining the luxury hospitality experience in India with Goa being the first city in India given the history between the Brand and the city.
‘It takes more courage and effort to stomach success than it takes to get there. And it is important that we share our fortune with the people around us, starting with ourselves. Toy Beach Club is going to be the haven for people who would like to submerge in the world of fine dining and world class culinary experience. Having associated with Sunburn only opens up doors for a wider range of our customers to come and seek luxury in the details we have put together for the bigger, larger than life of sorts, picture’ says Mr. Rajdipkumar Gupta, founder Toy Beach Club.
Speaking on the occasion of the launch, Mr. Manuj Agarwal, CEO PERCEPT LIVE stated that “Every time we get done with an event, while walking out, we have always seen people sad, some even in tears that sunburn was over. It’s that feeling and expression that prompted us to think on how we can stay with our fans throughout the year and not just be an event experience. This is one of the things that lead to creation of sunburn white.
We always want to be close to nature, good with food and beverages, music and maybe even merchandise. Sunburn white is for all those who love Sunburn and even those who don’t maybe know Sunburn, to get a taste of Sunburn.
Sunburn White will be launched in Goa on 22nd February followed by Pune with a target of 5-6 franchisee all India in the first year, 15 in the second year and 20 by the third year. Internationally Sunburn will launch one in the first year followed by 3 in the second year and 5 in the third year”.
He further added “The location of Sunburn White in Goa is very close to our hearts as this property is on the same land where Sunburn first started in 2007. Sunburn festival was hosted for 6 years on the very same land until we had to move to a different location at Vagator. A 3-4 day annual festival was pushed out but now Sunburn returns to the same land to provide a year-long Sunburn experience”.