Sukesh Vanket and Darien Da Costaproceed to the next round of the Under 12 Boys category at Gadre Gasper Dias Open 2018


Goakhabar: ­­­­Tennis fans were in for a treat as day four of Gadre Gaspar Dias Open 2018 witnessed the commencement of the Under 12 Boys, Under 12 Girls and Men’s Singles categories.

Sukesh Vanket and Darien Da Costa marched into the next round of the presently ongoing Gadre Gaspar Dias Open 2018 tournament. The Under 12 Boys category witnessed Sukesh convincingly defeated Prajval Naik 6-0 to secure his place in the championship. While Darien overpowered Aryan Kokarlwkar (6-3) to step closer to the title.

Shreya Singhee got the better of Riddhiman Dessai in the Under 12 Girls category (6-2) an inched closer to the title. Meanwhile Adil was engaged in an intense battle with Neville Gomes (4-2, 4-3) where Adil won the battle in the Men’s Single category.

Day five will witness draws in the Men’s Singles, Men’s Doubles, Mixed Doubles, Under 12 Boys and Under 12 Girls categories.

Gadre Gaspar Dias Open 2018 commenced with a total of 160 entries coming in across 14 categories. The tournament is being organized by Clube Tennis de Gaspar Dias, Goa’s first tennis club in partnership with Goa State Tennis Association (GSTA) and Gadre Premium Seafood.

Gadre Gaspar Dias Open 2018 will be an annual fixture on the state’s tennis calendar. Spread over eight days, matches are scheduled between 7.00am and 10.00am in the morning and between 4.00pm and 10.00pm in the evening. The finals will be held on the 4th February 2018.

The tournament matches are open to spectators and tennis fans. The organizers have created an exciting atmosphere for spectators and audiences with music and snack stalls on the sidelines of the blue tennis courts.

Day four results:

Category Players 1 Player 2 Score
Under 12 Boys Sukesh Vanket Prajval Naik 6-0
Under 12 Boys Darien Da Costa Aryan Kokarlwkar 6-3
Under 12 Girls Shreya Singhee Riddhiman Dessai 6-2
 Men’s Single


Adil Neville Gomes 4-2, 4-3

Schedule for day 5: 30th January 2018



Men’s Singles

Deepak Nanak vs Sanjay Varak

Nagesh Naik vs Rayan


Men’s Singles

Anbu vs Mckinnly


Men’s Singles

Santosh Gorawar vs Prasanna Bhandagi



Under 12 Girls

Jaya Bhatti vs Saburi Parkar


Men’s Singles

Tejas Shevde vs Pranay Baheti


Mixed Doubles

Shaan Javeri and Shanaya vs Amar Bernard and Sophie Chowgule


Men’s Doubles

Ben Craven and Felix Craven vs Kanwalpreet Singh and Neville Gomes