Shailendra Singh announces the next big festival concept of World Fitness Festival

Combining fitness, lifestyle and music, the
Proposed dates for the festival in Goa are Dec 27 | 28 | 29, 2019
GoaKhabar:With his pulse on the trends of the new, young India, Shailendra Singh always remains ahead of the curve. As Inceptor of Percept, Sunburn and Guestlist4Good, he has changed-the-game with every event, intellectual property, brand, talent or campaign he has launched, managed or executed.
In 2019, Shailendra is ready to revolutionize the festival experience and put India on the global wellness tourism map. As Indians everywhere become more aware of the benefits and joys of fitness, and begin to prioritize wellness in their lives, BOSS INDIA LLP presents India’s first-ever, fully integrated fitness, lifestyle and music festival.
In a recent 2017 survey called Fit India, Reebok’s major finding was that “9 out of 10 respondents felt that fitness is extremely important and over 80% were motivated to achieve a healthier lifestyle.” As Indians spend more and more time on their health and wellness, they will seek out entertainment and recreation that matches their lifestyle.
“The World Fitness Festival is the next level of festival for fans across the world,” says Inceptor, Shailendra Singh. “We won’t sacrifice on the entertainment and the huge musical artists we bring, but we combine it with a healthy lifestyle. Just as we come together to dance, fans will love coming outside to play and work out with their friends and family!”
This first-of-its kind festival will be spread across three days, Friday, Saturday and Sun day, with activities starting at 7:00am. Seven different stages will host activities span ning group fitness classes, exercise workouts, spiritual activities like yoga and medi tation, a lifestyle conference featuring global experts and mentors across verticals including health, wellness, sport and beauty. Different zones of the festival will focus on health, beauty and sport – featuring the latest innovations, hard-to-find retail products, trendsetting merchandise and more. A massive food and drink area will offer a range of choices from organic, farm-to-table meals to indulgent, cheat-day desserts, giving festival goers the fuel they need to get through the day.
After an intense day of workouts, lessons, exploration and shopping, it’s time to come together to dance. At 6:30pm, the W.F.F Mainstage comes alive. Featuring some of the best international music talent in the world, the 20,000 capacity stage will bring ground-breaking entertainment to fans of all ages, families and honourable guests.
“W.F.F is a massive opportunity for India,” continues Shailendra. “The global ‘wellness tourism market’ was valued at $639 billion in 2017, and rapidly growing. People from all over the world arrive in India for spiritual retreats, meditation and Ayurveda. Now, they will have a choice of fully immersing themselves into a full weekend of fitness, while witnessing some truly incredible concerts at night.”