Seeking Passion after Pension

Goa KHabar: Since his retirement as a Director of the International Maritime Organization (IMO), 65 years old Ashok Mahapatra instead of hanging up his boots, has decided to walk on a new path which would satisfy his creative hunger.
“I have worked in United Nations for 20 years and having come from a creative family I always had a passion for art. My father Umakanta Mahapatra has written 11 books in nine years time. I am making the film ‘Josef-Born in Grace’ which is an adaptation of one of the short story ‘Joseph’,” Ashok said.
Through static mis-en-scenes , the narrative of the film reflects the all encompassing nature of time, pre-empting and repeating itself in allegorical hues. Sharing about the shooting, the producer told GT, “The film was shot at the foothills of Uttarakhand. I’m happy to team up with a director like Susant Mishra and three national award winning actor like Victor Bannerjee.”
“The book was written in 1995 while the film was made in 2018. Although the film was well accepted in several festivals but it had also suffered enough rejections. As a producer that is a big challenge,” Ashok said.
With a vision to inspire the younger generation filmmakers, Ashok spoke about how he waited for a particular director to make his film. “I had followed up with Sushant since 2015. I wanted him to make the movie as I loved his ways of looking at things.,” he said.
Director Sushant Mishra have received acclaim at various film festivals such as Oberhausen, Cannes, Sochi, Moscow , Rotterdam, Montreal, Cairo, Shanghai, Paris, IFFI , MAMI and MIFF. His films are marked by austerity of form.
“I am in Film Bazar 2019 to create a buzz about this film, hoping that it does good in the market. The shows have been screened at JW Marriott, Goa,” he told Goa Khabar.