Rima Das’ next Bulbul Can Sing wins Special Mention at the prestigious Berlin International Film Festival 2019 where it had its European Premiere 



~Bulbul Can Sing was competing in Generation 14 Plus category at the festival~


Goa Khabar: National Award-winning filmmaker Rima Das’ next feature, BULBUL CAN SING won Special Mention at the prestigious Berlin International Film Festival 2019 from Berlin’s Generation sidebar juries.  The film had its European premiere and competed in Generation 14 Plus category at the Festival

Click here to watch the trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6DsjnhSR9ww&feature=youtu.be

The third Assamese feature of writerdirectorproducer Rima DasBulbul Can Sing had its World Premiere at Toronto InternationalFilm Festival 2018 followed by the South Asian Premiere at Busan International Film Festival and Indian Premiere at the 20th Jio MAMI Mumbai Film Festival where it won the Golden Gateway Award in the India Gold competition category.

Bulbul Can Sing is a visceral coming-of-age drama about a teenage girl, Bulbul, living in a village in Assam, fighting her way through love and loss as she figures out who she really is.


The writer-director-producer made the film independently, in the same way as her earlier film, Village Rockstars. Sharing her joy, Rima saysI am extremely pleased and honoured to be received this important Award as a special mention from International Jury Berlin Generation 14 plus at Berlin International Film Festival 2019″

In a conversation with Maryanne Redpath, head of the Generation section, said to me that “Adult population around and all these different countries and regions have actually failed to give children and young people support they need to grow up well. It’s their job for young people to grow up and take actions for all these difficulties.So generation is we hold up the mirror to the adult population who come and watch the film and they see themselves, they are the ones who created the circumstances and mess. Children and young people have not done that. The circumstances are not in their control. It is a balance between young people who able to see themselves on the screen and to be empowered and get energy, strength for taking action and succeed, for adult audiences they go home and they think about it and they reflect upon their responsibilities in societies where they are active and they may be starting to change themselves” Bulbul Can Sing talks about teenagers, issues they face in school and surroundings and their life in general. I am earnestly grateful that our work is recognized and thankful to the cast and crew, family and friends and everyone for their love and encouragement.“


About Rima Das:

Rima Das debut film as a writer-director-producer, Man with Binoculars (Antardrishti) premiered at Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival 2016. Village Rockstarsher second feature, premiered at Toronto International Film Festival 2017 under Discovery Section. The film has screened at more than 70 renowned film festivals and has won 44 awards including 4 National Awards (Best Feature, Best Editing, Audiography and Child Artist). Her third feature, Bulbul Can Sing had its World Premiere at Toronto International Film Festival 2018 followed by the South Asian Premiere at Busan International Film Festival and Indian Premiere at the 20th Jio MAMI Mumbai Film Festival where it won the Golden Gateway Award in the India Gold competition category.