Goa Khabar : Revolutionary Goan members from Tiswadi taluka lashed out at the BJP-led government saying it had failed to address the issues of power woes in St Andre Constituency and also accused the sitting MLA, Francis Silveira for failing to solve the power woes.
Our leaders, may it be the BJP or Congress are only fighting among themselves to maintain their political turf and to score political points and are not bothered about the problems faced by the public.
The people of St Andre constituency have been facing power outages almost every day over the last two months causing several difficulties to them.
Revolutionary Goans President and resident of Tiswadi, Viresh Borkar pointed out that the people are facing frequent power cuts during the year.
“One can imagine the state of power during the monsoon as the slightest of wind and drizzles end up causing power failure raising a question on the quality of pre-monsoon work carried out by the electricity department. Locals opine that underground power cabling is the only way forward and will bring an end to the power woes. The 33KV line between Old Goa to Pilar substation has not been replaced for last 36 years. The power sub-station at Pilar also needs to be upgraded,” said Viresh.
The local MLA besides changing parties has failed to change the power situation across the constituency “Many are facing a grave problem in utilising the work-from-home option due to the repeated snapping of electricity in our area. Frequent power cuts and fluctuations have turned out to be a daily affair. Even if we call the toll-free complaint number, they abruptly cut it or put us on hold and forget that we are waiting. We are disappointed with the power situation across the state,” pointed out Viresh.
“Students are having a problem attending classes online due to power cuts as mobile network is also disrupted during power outrages. There are many patients whose medicines are being kept in the refrigerator and due to constant power failure ends up getting spoilt,” he added.
Transformers have not been changed for decades and hence there are constant power cuts that are occurring but sadly the local MLA has been neglecting this major problem. Mega projects are been given new transformers and the existing houses are facing problems due to extra power load.
However, locals opine that underground power cabling is the only viable solution to ensure no wastage of power in transmission and also increase the power supply capacity in St. Andre Constituency.