Pramod Sawant would be responsible for the death of industrial sector: Rohan Khaunte

Goa Khabar: Porvorim MLA Mr Rohan Khaunte has said that Chief Minister Dr Pramod Sawant would be responsible for the death of Industrial sector in the State.

He pointed out that Mr Glenn Ticlo, Chairman of Industrial Development Corporation and BJP MLA, himself has accused Sawant of not allowing him to function, due to which the industrial sector has been suffering immensely.
Khaunte said that after the opposition members, the colleagues from Sawant’s own party have started speaking out against him venting out their frustration, which reflects on the performance of the government.
“Instead of spending Rs 2.5 Cr on Vibrant Goa event, the funds should been invested in the upgradation of infrastructure in the industrial estates, which would have helped the industries,” the Porvorim MLA said.
Reacting to the Farm Bills, Khaunte said that the central government has copied the formula of Sawant-led government of throwing out the opposition and passing the crucial Bills, without discussing them.
“The same formula of throwing out opposition from the House and than passing the Bill was tried in Goa. The Central government has copied it from Sawant-led government,” he said.
Khaunte said that BJP has no right to speak about welfare of the farmers, after their failure to mend the affairs of Sanjivani Cooperative Sugar Factory. The factory was started as a cooperative movement of sugarcane farmers, he said adding that the state government should have presented White Paper on the factory before the farmers before deciding its future.
He said that change over of the administration from Cooperation Department to Agriculture Department, will make no impact for the farmers, who are staring at the closed factory.
“If any of the shareholder of the factory approaches the Court, he can get the favourable order as State government has taken decision about it without taking them into confidence. I still can’t read into why the administration was transferred to Agriculture Department,” he commented.
Khaunte demanded that State government should call for “at least five day long” Assembly session to discuss the crucial issues which are plaguing Goa. “Manohar Parrikar was talking about 55 days of Assembly Sesssion, and now, we don’t have session even for 5 days,,” he commented. Khaunte said that the state government can do away with the Question Hour during the Session, and take up discussion on crucial issues like COVID19, Economic Revival, Mhadei and others during the Session.
Khaunte said that the opposition has to be united and “like minded.” “Except 2-3 people, rest of the opposition are hiding under the garb of COVID19 pandemic. Leader of Opposition and others have to bring together the like minded united opposition,” he said.
Khaunte assured that he would always be a part of the opposition, which is ready to work for the people of Goa, exposing the BJP.