Pernem Police detect temple theft within one week

Arrest one person from Maharashtra
Goa Khabar:The committee of Ravalnath Panchayatan Temple of Virnoda Pernem Goa had filed a complaint that on 13 June theft took place in the temple. Accordingly Pernem Police visited the temple and conducted the detail investigation of the scene of offence wherein services of Dog squad and finger print expert were present and notice that accused person effected the entry from small window passage from rear side of the temple and committed theft of cash of 3 thousand from donation box.
PI Dalvi further informed that they got a CCTV footage of accused committing theft wearing mask with covered face.
Different team were form to trace the accused person, help of villagers were also taken & finally the accused person was traced who was staying near Naibag Pernem and he was interrogated. He confessed of committing the theft.
Accused identified himself as Mr. Mithun S/o Vishnu Pawar, age 25 years, R/o Bhatpavni, Near NH 66 Highway, Naibag, Pernem Goa, N/o Ganpati Sana, Near Zanaliwadi, Kankavli, Maharashtra. Pernem Police have successfully recovered the stolen property.
various team were formed for detecting this case which was headed by PI Jivba Dalvi, assisted by PSI Vivek Halarnkar, PSI Harish Vaigankar, Police Constable Ritesh Narulkar, Kalidas Raut, all of Pernem Police Station

Pi Jivba Dalvi with psi Vivek Haralankar and staff Pernem ps and arrested accused sitting