OdXel RPC launched by Conexao Technology Solutions (CTS) today


Goakhabar: OdXel RPC launched at the hands of Shri. Pratapsingh Rane – Hon. Ex Chief Minister, Shri Sidharth Kunkolienkar -Chairman EDC Corporation & Shri. Manguirish Pai Raikar – Chairman of National Council for MSME, at EDC House today.

On the occasion Shri. Pratapsingh Rane spoke about the importance of OdXel in today’s world of safety and security needs. He also emphasized the fact that the solution provides peace of mind for its end users.

On the occasion, Shri. Manguirish Pai Raikar stated that OdXel is an exciting venture that supports the Make in India initiative. He applauded the CTS team for their innovation and assured them of full support from the industry to make OdXel an international brand.

Shri Sidharth Kunkolienkar who is Chairman EDC Corporation and chief mentor for Smart City, appreciated the name chosen for the device as it builds brand Goa. He also spoke about how OdXel can power smart cities and large & small business at the same time.

Conexao Technology Solutions (CTS) was founded by a group of engineers from Goa who were propelled by the desire to innovate and make a robust difference in their areas of competence. During the launch Kamal Nair (cofounder) spoke about various solutions that OdXel can offer at competitive prices. He displayed the variants of OdXel and explained how each one plays a role in catering to automation/safety/security needs.

Prajyot Gaitonde (cofounder) explained various features of the device and emphasized on the ease of use.

About Conexao Technology Solutions

Conexao Technology Solutions (CTS) was founded by a group of engineers from Goa who were propelled by the desire to innovate and make a robust difference to their areas of competence.

A startup based out of Goa, CTS provides end to end solutions in IoT, Building Management System, Life Safety, Smart Surveillance, Access Control, Energy Management Systems and Software solutions.

Technology is evolving at an exponential pace, and the dynamics of business and home automation, safety and security needs too are undergoing major shifts. OdXel Labs the R&D arm of CTS was created to drive the technological progress within CTS to create efficient, high quality products in India at very affordable prices. OdXel Labs attempts to provide products that perfectly cater to your business (small and large scale) and personal needs in automation, safety and security verticals. We embody the philosophy of ‘Make in India’, as the R&D and manufacturing is done in India, while maintaining the highest standards with our industrial grade solutions.


OdXel RPC is a comprehensive safety and security solution. OdXel RPC powers your small and large businesses safety and security needs through seamless integration powered by Internet of Things (IoT) technology. Get notifications on your phone, SMS and hooter alarms in case of intrusion and fire. Our industrial grade product and user friendly app interface makes sure that monitoring and controlling is efficiently completed, 24×7.

Major beneficiaries of the device would be Industries, Banks, Hotels, Jewellers, Super markets, Electronic stores, Pharmacies, Religious places, Warehouses, Cold storages as well ashomes among many other arenas.

A significant use of the device is that it has a highly advanced and customizable alarm system. In case of an emergency the device senses and communicates to theconcerned security/control roomsinstantly. For home use, this feature is extremely useful for elders who live alone and have their children staying away from home.

Key features of OdXel RPC

  • Monitor any sensor including temperature, door status, luminosity indicator, smoke etc
  • Entirely cloud based solution that lets you monitor the system from any location
  • Requires NO Internet connection / WiFi
  • Get instant notifications through SMS, Email and App
  • Automatic generation of logs
  • Seamless integration with Central Control System
  • SOS/Panic button
  • Battery Backup
  • Instant notifications through SMS and app
  • Monthly Reports
  • Made in Goa, India
  • No recurring costs

Special Launch Offer:


The team comes with over 17 years of Industry experience within and outside India in Product development, Sales, Project Management, and After-market services.

Main Office:

Conexao Technology Solutions
307, Gera Imperium Green,

Mala, Panaji, Goa – 403001