Nunem people get Clean and adequate drinking water available near their houses

 Success story of Verna Based “ Colorcon Asia”s Vilage Infrastructure initiative
Goa Khabar:  Visit the Nunem village, hemlet in deep remote of Sanguem, next to Netravali wildlife sanctuary, and you can experience a picture perfect sustainable village infrastructure.
Nunem was among other villages in Netravali panchayat, which use to experience water scarcity during summers, but the village infrastructure initiative by COLORCON ASIA PRIVATE LIMITED, VERNA has put an end to the daily staruggles of people for water since 2017.
Carrying forward the works started in villages via AROGYA EXPRESS mobile health care back in 2015, COLORCON ASIA also has plans to make village self sustainable through the development projects.
Known in the Sanguem-Quepem area for providing healthcare services via mobile health vans, COLORCON asia also addressing the other issues in villages since 2016.
The NUNEM water project has provided clean potable drinking water 24 hours very near to households round the year.
The uphill reservoir was built by people only ,which was condition laid initially ,so people can take ownership of the infrastructure and they feel responsible towards the facility provided. Prior to 2017, people use to struggle for water and often have to wait for PWD tanker for daily needs, but under the initiative VID, COLORCON ASIA with helps from VHAG and local people built the reservoir on top of hill, which collects natural water form sources there, and a 3 km pipeline is laid to the another storage tank in village which collects water, and from the main reservoir there is system of 10 common water stations to make is easy for all households. Total 112 households are benefitted with the same initiative “says Dr. Vaidya, President VHAG.
  • “ people have to wait for tankers, wasting the quality hours and in the end have to satisfy on whatever water quantity they get from.  We have set an example,  they get sufficient water near to houses, all struggles  ends and above all the time is saved for women and working men, who can now work in farms , go for routine daily labor jobs and take part in other village development activities, and has incrased quality of life too ‘ says Mr, Sarvesh Parab, HR Head, Colorcon Asia Private Limited.
Now women are using  places near water stations for washing purpose, also are using the water for growing vegetables back side of homes too, with no other source of water villagers were dependent on existing common taps and tankers. After February each year they would face acute that struggle is no more” he said.
To ensure that the infrastructure is maintained well, cleaning activities are done, local participation was made compulsory. “ in village meetings it was agreed that people will contribute a minimum amount towards the usage and that will be used for maintenance and repairs. If there is free services, then people wont value it. A sense of ownership ensures that its not damaged and running well” Adds Mr. Sarvesh Parab.
The entire funding for the project was under CSR activities by COLORCON ASIA PRIVATE LIMITED, VERNA and the same was implemented in village by NGO VOLUNTARY HEALTH ASSOCIATION OF GOA with help from village panchayat, local panch and locals in villages.