Goakhabar:Governor of Goa, Smt Mridula Sinha asserting that India has a vibrant maritime sector with reach history has the potential to power our Nation’s transformations said that Sagarmala Project an initiative of Union Government has opened new opportunities, promoting port link, direct and indirect development and to provide infrastructure to transport goods to and from ports quickly, efficiently and effectively. This project will lift Indias GDP growth by 2 %.

Governor, Smt Mridula Sinha was addressing the 55th National Maritime Day celebrations organised by National Maritime Day Celebrations Committee at Ravindra Bhavan, Baina – Vasco yesterday.

Dr Sinha spoke at length the various aspects of maritime sector. Ocean is an opportunity for any Country and India is surrounded by sea on three sides while on one side by Mountain. Maritime is an important sector which is developing at a fast pace. National Maritime Day is celebrated to illustrate the awareness in supporting international commerce and the global economy as the most well organised, safe and environmentally responsive approach of transporting goods from one corner to another corner of the word, she added.

Smt Sinha further said that the principle objective of celebrating the National Maritime day is to know public about the activities of Indian shipping industry and the important role it plays in the economy of the country. Shipping has been rightly called as the silent service as most of the shipping activities take place away from the land and along with country’s sea borders.

Additional Director General, Shipping, IRS Shri Amitabh Kumar said, National Maritime Day celebrations is an occasion to salute all from the Indian Shipping fraternity. Shri Kumar shared the vision of Government to make merchant shipping more efficient, financially viable, secured and eco friendly.

Shri Kumar stressing the need to exploit our waters for transportation and other purposes reiterated the Governments commitment to ensure that rivers and costal waters become clean, ports become modern and efficient, capacity and quality of shipyards and repair facilities are enhanced.  The costal community has to upgrade in skills and integrated to the modern marine economy and about all the economic exploitation of our marine health becomes ecologically sustainable, Shri Kumar said.

Shri Dilip Mehrotra and Shri Bodraj, Secretary, National Maritime Day Celebrations Committee were among those prominent persons present on the occasion. ‘Indian shipping an ocean of opportunity’ was the theme of the programme.