Marathi film industry are facing newer challenges.

Goa Khabar: The uncertainty of the past couple of years has disappeared and the industry is ready to face new challenges, said Marathi filmmaker Akshay Indikar in National Film Development Corporation (NFDC) Film Bazar 2019.
“Although the unexpectedly low number of feature films in the fiction category of the Indian Panorama at International Film Festival of India was a surprise in 2018, we can overlook this as a one off incidence and hope for a better performance this year,” Akshay told.
His film ‘Sthalpuran- chronicles of space’ unfolded the experiences of an eight year old young boy Dighu who loses his father after migrating in a new state. His grief is heightened by the fact that his father left the family deserted. He takes refuge in dreaming which helps him coping with his grief.
“I conceptualised the story out of personal life incident. It spoke about identity. Eventhough everyone is so connected, yet they are intrinsically lonely,” Akshay said.
The film is also about youngsters looking for their own identity and loosing themselves admist fictional characters.
“It shows how people are more alienated than before. The small notes like music/chaos of a train gives the child certain peace. Music is another theme layered into the films narrative,” he said.
The director believes that the film holds an universal appeal where he wants to portray existential angst delving into how extremely it’s affecting the young mind.
“I’m happy that i am able to put together the story I always wanted to make. We as director and producer do face several challenges and it takes number of years into making one good film. Sthalpuran is my second brainchild while I debuted with film Trijya,” he concluded.Sthalapuran is produced by Sanjay Shetye from vinsan graphics in Goa