Goakhabar:Internationally acclaimed Goan fashion designer Verma D’Mello once again stunned audiences at the prestigious Festival de Cannes in Paris with her collection titled ‘Lift the lid off child sex trade’ to send a strong message about young women in India and around the globe forced into prostitution.

Unveiling her collection at the Cannes Fashion and Film for the third straight third time in a row, the Goan designer highlighted the plight of young women who were held hostage and forced into commercial sexual activities. To make a symbolic point, Free a Girl Ambassador model Mallika Sherawat posed inside a caged dress, depicting the illicit brothels that enslave young girls against their will.

Speaking about her collection after showcasing her collection before a packed audience, Verma said, “It is our sincere effort to create awareness about forced prostitution among minors and to possibly liberate more girls from this criminal slavery.”

In the past, the acclaimed fashion designer has showcased Goan Kunbi fabric and India’s Khadi to make a big impact in the global market.

“After the show, the delegates congratulated me and appreciated my determination at highlighting the evils in the society through my work”, Verma said.

Among the well know ones who choose to wear my creation were American reality television personality Farrah Lynn Abraham and elegant French actress Aurélia Khazan who also made her debut in Bollywood.

In 2016, Verma received similar praise for her collection ‘Kadamba Queens’ at Cannes.

“The reception was great and very encouraging at Cannes. My collection conveyed a very strong message that women are not just sex toys, we choose fashion because it gives us a sense of empowerment, confidence, and liberty.

“Media and delegates from across the world mentioned that a person needed guts to select such a theme and fabric for a red-carpet display and that too, at Cannes.

Young talents Goan singer Mary Jo De Mello composed the music for the show.

“The audience and delegates enjoyed the collection and later during an interaction, the models were equally pleased to explain more about the garments they had adorned during the show,” Verma said.

 Select designers from around the globe including Vanessa Montoro (Brazil), Larol Design(Poland), Alex Robe(Spain) Anggy Haif (Paris) Sonja Anderson (Sweden) Ludavi (Taiwan) K&M (Poland) Yes Couture (London) were invited this year by the organisers.