“ La Habbana An Elite Beach Club & Resort now open on Baga Beach”


Goa khabar:La Habbana Beach Club & Resort – is an all-new exclusive beach club & resort that’s situated on the entertainment hub of Baga Beach. We are a one-of-a-kind, entertainment and hospitality destination whose aim is to provide a unique experience unlike anything that’s presently on offer, to both the residents of Goa and tourists who visit here to relish in the clubbing scene; making it a must-visit destination of Goa. It’s segregated into a rakish Outdoor Lounge, a state-of-the art Club and a Luxury Resort; focused primarily on catering to discerningly ritzy clientele.

Location- Titos Lane 2, D-Lane, Next to Las O Las , Baga, Goa.

Havana Beach Club & Resort prides itself in being the only customer relationship-centric venue which offers a wide range of choice services like an avant-garde club, 13 pool-side opulent suites as well as 13 intricately-detailed cabanas that lend it maximum South-American authenticity, an classy outdoor lounge area with panoramic views of the Baga beach, genuine Cuban cigar sampling, an elite spectrum of entertainment artists, a veritable array of top-notch cocktails & beverages, an expansive spread of cuisines to equally cater to vegetarians and non-vegetarians alike; Salsa and Rumba dance workshops and much, much more!

So head-over to La Habbana ,Baga Beach and to treat yourself to the finest of experiences and indulge in the good life, you deserve it!