Italian filmmakers take on climate change

Goa Khabar( Nibedita sen): Filmmakers are getting into the international conversation about climate change in Golden jubilee of International film festival of India (IFFI)

“In another fifty years people will start to shift towards north. We need to be much more conscious. The immigration will not stop rather increase because of climate change,” Italian filmmaker Goran Paskaljevic highlighted while addressing the opening media conference.
He is also of the view that Italy is under depression. ” Italy is a country which never had solidarity from Europe. There were refugees from France and America. To resolve this problem the only way is to help people live normally. The economic and political support is needed by Western world,” he said.
His film ‘Despite the fog’ subtly makes a political statement with the story of a refugee searching for a better life.
“The movie is about a boy in Italy who lost his parents and lives like a refugee. The society was against refugee and this was the biggest problem in Europe,” Goran mentioned.
Coming from Prague Film school and being a multilingual person Goran tried to address the regional and language barrier of the similar cause. “We are used to co-produce films and this helps us cope with the language and regional barrier. Bacause I’m directing the film, the shots are put together little by little due to shortage of money. I am a multilingual and most of the people who took part in the film speak in common language which is English,” he said.
“In Prague film school, the government gives money and the four years of students pass doing hard hitting short films. In Prague, the professors who taught us were also doing their job on the field beside teaching. That helped us with a different perspective compared to other film schools,” he said.
Sharing his experiences of working with Bengali stalwart Victor Bannerjee in the film Devbhoomi he said, “Six years ago I was the President in film festival. I met Victor Bannerjee and he’d invited .e to Uttarakhand. It was there we planned to make Devbhoomi.”
“Devbhoomi was shown in Amazon prime. That was my love letter to India. It was an emotional story with very nice actors. It was shot in the Himalayas,” he further mentioned.
Producer of the film Maria Li Sacchi told media, ” I like his discipline of work. In Italy there are several problematic issues which we need to speak about. The approach of Director Goran towards the film was bold and we supported him. I believe the film will be  shown in different film festivals. Although it has political statement, it doesn’t critique the society but addresses global problem. “
Young actor Gabriele Donnini made a remark, ” I have started my career with this film and it was an awesome experience working with sir.”