ISO Standard Clean, Green And Pollution Free AHOY Marina Proposed At Zuari River – Nauxim Goa



Goa Khabar : Mr Arun Dua Director of AHOY, Mr Sridhar Kori, GM Engineering and Col Milind Prabhu Project Director, all represent Anytime Harbour of Yatchs Pvt. Ltd. – AHOY, press conference.


AHOY is a service industry to facilitate tourism and will principally provide parking, repairing and maintenance facilities for small boats and yachts.

A Marina is a berthing / parking facility for local boats, sail boats and yachts. It is a service industry, boat repairing service that provides servicing, maintenance and ensures the safety of boats parked in the facility. We will provide : standard Yacht parking, boat repair and maintenance including minor repairs, etc. (also for local boats), Yacht club, environmentally friendly Boat Fuelling HSHD & Petrol without spillage (also for local boats), OEM Specialized services, Yacht school, Catering, Laundry services for Sailors, yacht racing, venue for conferences and Sailing events. ISO STANDARD CLEAN, GREEN AND POLLUTION FREE

What Are the Benefits to Goa?

  • State taxes on all services
  • Growth in economy over a wide spectrum from tourism for every group of tourists, whoever has a genuine interest in marine life, boats, water sports
  • Increased employment of both direct and indirect employment opportunities under marine and hospitality services provided for employment for Goans
  • Repair, fuelling & maintenance of locally owned boats in an ecologically friendly manner
  • Put Goa on yachting circuit
  • First of its kind marine education and skill development centre in the country, sailor education with international certification for overseas employment
  • Worldwide Promotion of Goan culture
  • Creating avenues for organising events viz boat shows at level
  • Improvement of the surrounding area under corporate social responsibility on an ongoing basis.

How Will We Support Local People And Community?

  • Direct & indirect employment opportunities for local youth
  • Exposure to technological development of yachts & yacht handling
  • First of its kind for education and skill development center in the country, sailor education with international certification
  • Improvement of existing infrastructure & logistics like environmentally friendly floating Jetty
  • Additional Revenues to Gram Panchayat
  • Participation in commercial initiatives for local small businesses
  • Ready market for the sale of fish for local fishermen
  • Exposure to technical services related to development & maintenance of yachts
  • Up-liftment of the quality of life of local people
  • Our assistance in providing facilities for local fishermen parking, repair, upgrading their boats.
  • Our Assistance in education of local children
  • Encouraging & guiding local youth to become young entrepreneurs, Be self-employed as restaurateurs, Laundry services, Land tours, Water sports, Curio shops,
  • Daily services at doorstep ( Bank / Post office / Telecom)
  • Market for fresh catch and products like fresh produce, grocery, supermarket and daily essentials etc.
  • CSR measures on a consistent basis will plan for the welfare of locals.



Ahoy services:

  • Boat parking-Safe & secure parking of yachts of various sizes
  • Boat repair and maintenance including minor repairs, painting etc (also for local boats)
  • Yacht club
  • Boat Fuelling HSHD & Octane 97 ( also for local boats)
  • OEM Specialized services
  • Yacht school
  • yacht & power boat racing
  • conference and boat shows

Ahoy Client services:

  • Catering, laundry services for sailors
  • Water sports for boosting coastal & sustainable tourism
  • yacht & powerboat racing
  • Yacht school for nourishing talents in sailing sector first of its own kind in Asia
  • Host platform for
  • Boat Shows etc

Ahoy Green services:

  • Environment management plans
  • Use of non-conventional / Alternate sources of energy
  • Waste water treatment system
  • Anti-pollution measures for approved pollution levels
  • Efficient fire protection & fire fighting system
  • Fresh water supply
  • Bilge water handling system


There are a host of social, economical, trade related and other technical activities that take place.

Keeping the related environment and infrastructure both on shore and on/below water is a key responsibility and main ingredient for making it a world standard destination and a socially responsible enterprise.

AHOY has endeavoured to keep environment protection as key part of its day to day work operation and has endeavoured to contribute towards not only protecting but proactively contributing augmenting the overall environment for betterment of society.

AHOY has the following measures taken in

* Environment protection and management Plan

  • Environment protection and management Process
  • Environment protection and management Equipment

AHOY is also drawing heavily from global case studies which establishes that our infrastructure does not destroy or reduce marine bio diversity but contributes towards increased marine bio diversity

Desalination plant for water, Marine disposal of rejects, solid waste management, sufficient conveniences& washing areas, effluent treatment plant, parking area for motor vehicle for tourists, etc. were planned and designed to ensure safe and hygienic operation.

Marina is a blue green enterprise which also compatible to coastal environment and has no discharge or discards.

AHOY is a service industry to facilitate tourism and will principally provide parking, repairing and maintenance facilities for small boats and yachts.

It is envisaged to accommodate of boats on the northern bank of the Mormugao Bay. It is designed to accommodate small pleasure boats of various sizes.

As the facility will attract tourist, infrastructures are required towards stay and comfort for the tourists and also repair and maintenance for boats. Hence, facilities on the landside, will be established in the reclaimed area.

AHOY will ensure prevention of any wastage and fully avoid any disposal of waste material into sea.  AHOY will outsource agencies, which are with Central or State Governmental approvals to manage wastes as categorized and will ensure proper disposal to comply with the waste management and handling Rules.

AHOY will provide greenery with suitable trees and plantation that are compatible to coastal conditions along the sides of the inner plant roads and in all surrounding open spaces.

The “Zero Waste Objectives” will be the basis to establish Effluent Treatment plant. The liquid waste will be managed for no disposal condition and the solid waste be managed off site in approved facilities. Thus, the proposed effluent treatment plant will perform as Zero Liquid Discharge Plant.  There will not be any disposal and the entire treated effluent, as reclaimed as water from the MF cartridge package, will be recycled in the dual plumbing system of AHOY.

The water is thus reclaimed from the effluent and envisaged for reuse in washing, flushing, cleaning and green belt activities. AHOY will develop corporate policy for non-conventional energy systems through coastal wind mills and Solar Panels in the first two financial years of its operation.

AHOY will develop an exclusive plan to ensure proper environmental management with monitoring programs for the listed pollutant concentrations in air, water, soil and noise, in the ambient environment of the assessed project impact area of 10 Km radius of the location. An exclusive monitoring system will be in place for marine environment. Special Programs and Implementation systems will be stressed for Occupational Health and Safety.

Please find attached 1 image. I’d Capt Arun Dua, Col Milind Prabhu and Mr. Sridhar Kori all from AHOY

Government viewpoints:

  1. Union Commerce Minister Piyush Goyal on Saturday called for a “mass movement” against those who oppose development projects in India, PTI reported. He urged non-governmental organisations not to impede development, calling it the “worst form of obstructing justice” for the poor. Goyal made the comments at the concluding ceremony of the “Vibrant Goa” investment summit held near Panaji. He referred to the construction of the Mopa greenfield airport, pointing out that it was stalled because of a petition in Supreme Court. In March, the top court suspended the project’s environmental clearance.
  2. Speaking at the inauguration of the three-day ‘Vibrant Goa Global Expo and Summit’ here, Sawant told the delegates that the government has established Investment Promotion Board (IPB) to facilitate investment here.

“I can assure the international delegates who wish to invest in Goa that their proposals would be cleared within 30 days of submission,” he said, adding that the IPB will provide single-window clearance to all the investors.

“We are keen on improving our performance in hospitality, tourism, information technology services and agro industries,” he said.

Sawant said the focus of the summit is inclusive development in key areas such as innovation, sustainability, technology, youth and skill development.

  1. Manoj Caculo, President at the Goa Chamber of Commerce & Industry, spoke in support of the proposed Marina at the State award function at Vibrant Goa.


  1.  17 video’s are attached of the stakeholders speaking on various issues about the Marina in the pen drive. They are Ceaser Menezes, Herculeano, Anil Madgavkar, Capt Dilip Donde, Commdr Mongia, Col K. Srinivas, Anya  Klos, Gautama Dutta, TTAG Savio Messais, Derrick Menezes, Col Deepak Dikhit and Manoj Caculo spoke at Vibrant Goa.