India’s first Egyptian Themed Ship, ‘NEFERTITI- The Beautiful One’ built by VIJAI MARINE SHIPYARD, celebrates its successful completion in Goa and heads to Kochi




Goa Khabar: Vijai Marine Shipyard is proud to announce the successful completion of their first Egyptian Themed Passenger Ship under MS Class VI . On this occasion Vijai Marine Shipyard celebrates the departure of the vessel from the Goan waters.

NEFERTITI- The Beautiful One’ is India’s first 200 pax special trade passenger Cruise ship designed by the inspiration and vision of Shri. Tom Jose, IAS, Chief Secretary Government of Kerala who also graced the event with Shri. Muhammed Haneesh, IAS, Chairman & Managing Director of KSINC and Anoop Kumar, Technical HOD in the presence of the proprietor Mr Jairam I Dialini .

Vijai Marine Shipyard has designed and built the vessel of Kerala Shipping and Inland Navigation Corporation Ltd which departed the Goan waters on 9th September 2018. It has created a benchmark by putting out a vessel that’s gives you an experience of the deep seas, cost effectively. The event began with a ribbon cutting and unveiling of the Egyptian Statue. The paintings and the pictures gave a glimpse of the rich cultural Egyptian heritage and this reflected in every detail of the cruise.

While the Cruise was beautifully decorated, the audiences witnessed elements of the traditional folk dance, live performances, Tarot reading, Portrait making and an impromptu magic show by the professionals. Also engagement activities continued in the children’s room, “ODION” and the Mini Theatre “Nile”.

Sharing about the celebration, Suraj Dialani, “It is our honour and pleasure to curate the vessel for Kerala Shipping and Inland navigation corporation limited. We have built over 100 personalised vessels for our clientele and this one is the first Egyptian Themed Passenger Ship with various essences of Egypt in every aspect of it. The ship can move upto 20 Nautical miles in the sea and give you an experience of the vastness of the open seas”.

History will be created every time ‘NEFERTITI’ navigates the sea, the most beautiful ship in Arabian Sea.