Ilayaraja elevates IFFI with a live performance


Goa Khabar:Legendary Music composer Ilayaraja was at IFFI for a Masterclass moderated by none other than a fine director R Balki himself.

The music composer entered amidst loud cheering and clapping..audiences got up in respect for the master and then Ilayaraja mesmerised people with the conversation and his music.

“Music has power. Just put a close up of an actor without any expression. We can put expression with just music…he is thinking of his mother, his childhood, his love…these emotions can just be added with the music.” Said Ilayaraja.

“His music transcends time…sometimes you would want to watch it on a blank screen.” Said Balki who has worked with Ilayaraja for a few of his films.

“The only fights that we have is that he wants to change a tune and I don’t want to” Balki Added.

“Music is a universal language…Every school should have music in syllables. If that happens, the violence will be less…there won’t be any violence I think.”

When someone from the audiences said that Ilayaraja’s music makes one happy but also sad sometimes because you start thinking of your love.

“Music is for being…not only for one emotion.” Said Ilayaraja.

Ilayaraja not only composed for a live situation in front of the audiences but even made everyone sing on his tunes.

What a mesmerising evening at the 50th edition of IFFI…Truly a golden jubilee celebration.