Goa’s shores has witnessed three cases linked to suicides of which two victims were rescued by alert lifeguards


Goa Khabar: In the last month, Goa’s shores has witnessed three cases linked to suicides of which two victims were rescued by alert lifeguards.

On the morning of 21st June 2020 at Anjuna’s rocky beach stretch, a local fisherman spotted a male walking along the dangerously rocky beach stretch and towards the rough seas. He called out to the person to step back and made attempts to reach him. However the unidentified male took a plunge into the rough waves. The fisherman alerted the lifeguards at the tower who launched a search operation. However the victim was untraceable. Police were informed about the incident who rushed to the spot to take stock of the situation. Fire personnel also arrived at the spot of the incident.  The body is yet to be recovered.

On the evening of 11th June at Miramar beach, a lady was noticed walking into the sea. The lifeguards on duty Saiesh Balekar and Nilesh Kundaiker rushed towards the victim into the choppy waves and secured her to the rescue tube and brought her to shore.on enquiring she revealed that she was attempting to end her life due to personal reasons. Police was informed about the same and the victim was handed over to the police.


Three weeks ago, on 30th May 2020, a male in his early thirties was rescued by a lifeguard at Bambolim beach. An alert was sounded by the Bambolim based Institute of Psychiatric and Human Behaviour (IPHB) that a patient had fled the facility and a search operation was launched. An alert lifeguard Gaurav Gawde stationed at the Bambolim beach noticed a visibly disturbed male, in the water, along the shoreline and approached him. The male informed the lifeguard that he was going to end his life. The lifeguard calmed the male down and brought him back to shore. The police were informed who confirmed that the victim was the same male who had escaped from the IPHB facility. The male was handed over to the police.

From April till date there have been 07 rescues, 02 medical interventions and 01 drowning recorded.

Says Ravi Shankar, Executive Director, Drishti Marine, “The last few months have been unprecedented in recent human history. Mental and emotional health will add to the states stressed healthcare system. It’s imperative that family and friends support and keep a watch out for their near and dear ones and reach out for help to support organisations. Professional services can be deemed out through helpline numbers of agencies like Cooj Mental Health Goa on 08322252525 or TISS CALL ( Operated by TISS ) +91 22 2552111, +91 91529 87821 or log on to http://icallhelpline.org/ for support.”

The Goa government shuts down the beaches for swimming and all water sports activities during the monsoon months from June to August each year as the sea during this season tends to be extremely rough and choppy.

Drishti Marine, the state-appointed professional lifeguard agency has issued a monsoon advisory instructing visitor to the beach not to venture into the sea during the monsoon months extending from June till the end of September.

Owing to the present weather conditions due to the monsoons, red flags have been posted across all beaches under Drishti’s surveillance indicating that these are strictly non-swim zones. Drishti advises visitors to avoid rocky areas, cliffs and hills on the shoreline. These are very slippery during the monsoon season and also wave height, intensity and frequencies are very high and one can easily get washed out. All rocky areas around the fort areas in Anjuna, Vagator and Tiracol are out of bounds during monsoons.