Goa gears up for a second edition of the Serendipity Arts Festival Goa 2017

Vivek Menezes, Curator and Columnist; Smriti Rajgarhia, Director, Serendipity Arts Festival Goa; Swayan Chaudhuri, Managing Director and CEO, Imagine Panaji Smart City Development Ltd and George Wirsching, Artist and Custodian of Wirching Archive of Hindi Cinema History at the press briefing which was held at Adil Shah Palace, Panaji to announce details on the upcoming Serendipity Arts Festival Goa 2017.

 India’s cultural diversity showcased from 15 – 22 December at 11 different locations across Panaji


Goa:With just one week left to host a one-of-its-kind interdisciplinary arts festival, Serendipity Arts Trust addressed the media in Panaji at a press briefing at the legendary Adil Shah Palace along the banks of the river Mandovi. The briefing was graced by Swayan Chaudhuri, Managing Director & CEO – Imagine Panaji Smart City Development Ltd, Vivek Menezes, curator and columnist and Georg Wirsching, custodian of the Wirching Archive of Hindi Cinema History.

Slated to commence on the 15th of December along the banks of the Mandovi River, Serendipity Arts Festival (SAF) Goa 2017 has grown monumentally since its inaugural edition last year. The second edition of the festival brings an array of cultural forms, diverse visual arts projects and exclusive theatre productions from renowned artists. This year’s festival brings together a large network of Indian and international artists across more than 70 genres and mediums, with 40 of them exclusively commissioned for SAF17.

The Festival will witness projects curated by eminent personalities like Lillete Dubey, Ranjit Barot, Shubha Mudgal, Prashant Panjiar and many more and is aimed at rebuilding and reviving India’s diverse and varied legacy of the arts. Viewing the success, it garnered last year, it is a testimony to the artists’ efforts in bringing forward such an exclusive talent pool to a national platform.

The programming will be dispersed across a mix of indoor and outdoor locations along the beautiful city of Panaji. These venues range from historic Portuguese structures to modernist marvels, and include both indoor and outdoor spaces. Audiences will get to engage with the arts in beautiful, carefully designed, immersive and often-unconventional settings. Most venues will be within walking distance of each other and the festival will provide transit/shuttle options. Urban interventions and public art projects will transform the city into a vibrant and open cultural space. The venues are Adil Shah Palace, Captain of the Port Jetty, Bento Miguel, PWD Complex, Children’s Park, Old GMC Complex, ESG, Kala Academy, DB Ground, Mandovi Promenade and Santa Monica Jetty.

The Art Spectrum Awards South Asia (ASA:SA) 2017 is the first annual recognition and celebration of a new generation of artists who have emanated from South Asia’s unique diversity. The awards focus on the essence of the core values of the Serendipity Arts Foundation: arts education, interdisciplinary awareness & progress. We are dedicated to the continuing evolution of South Asia’s wonderful spectrum of diversity, pluralism and rich cultural heritage. The event is brought to you by Mojarto, Serendipity Arts Foundation and NDTV.

Addressing the media, Ms. Smriti RajgarhiaDirector, Serendipity Arts Festival said, “Serendipity Arts Festival has gained much attention since our first edition last year, and we have galvanized the arts to gather more momentum than ever before. We hope to see a larger gathering of audiences this year, especially considering that Goa, with its diverse culture and international audience, is the perfect destination for such a large display of the arts. The venues are seamlessly connected for surface transportation for all guests attending the festival, and we want to ensure that all our venues are accessible and reachable for everyone. The artist line-up is incredibly exciting, and we hope to see this year’s festival build momentum for many years to come.”

“Smart City takes pride in associating with SAF Goa 2017. It is an excellent opportunity for the city of Panaji, where people from all ages of society gather together. An arts festival of this scale will potentially create opportunities for the city and state alike. Serendipity Arts Festival has created this opportunity for the city and making art accessible,” said Swayan Chaudhuri, Managing Director & CEO – Imagine Panaji Smart City Development Ltd

“Filmmaking is not just an art but also a very precise science. We have had the opportunity with the Serendipity Arts Festival to go back in time, look at the thousands of images, including newspaper cuttings, publicity stills and provide the people an opportunity to understand how difficult and different film making was in those days in comparison to today,” said George Wirsching, Artist and Custodian of the Wirching Archive of Hindi Cinema History.

Vivek Menezes, Curator and Columnist said, I was pretty impressed with the last edition of the SAF Goa and what has been achieved in terms of the scale, caliber, the sincerity and the effort that went into it. I am delighted that we can term Panaji as a space for the arts. This year I am happy to be a part of a landmark exhibition which will be the centerpiece of offering which involved over 30 Goan artists and will be on display at Bento Minguel in Fontainhas.”