Goa based designer designs unique ‘Multi-Mask’ for Covid protection



Goa Khabar: Deepak Pathania, a South Goa based industrial designer from National Institute of Design (Ahmedabad), has designed a unique, ‘Multi-Mask’ for complete protection from Covid.

Pathania who claims that the mask is the world’s first modular mask said that it was a one stop for future mask requirements.

In a media release issued in Margao, Deepak Pathania, founder director of Design Intervention (I) Pvt Ltd said that the Multi-Mask had several useful features, one of which was its removable shield, making the mask more protective and user friendly than the ones presently in use.

According to Pathania, the company had applied for a patent, post a worldwide patent search and that the product was in the final prototype stage. Pathania said that the Multi-Mask could be used by frontline workers in the healthcare and security services, hospitality and retail staff, workers in industries with pollutants and by people fighting pollution in large cities.

Highlighting the key features of the Multi-Mask, Pathania said that the ergonomic and modular shape of the mask was designed for comfort and ease of use. The face-shield could simply be slipped on to the mask when required without any straps. The user’s speech was not muffled as it only flowed through the filter, bypassing the face shield. All parts of the mask could be washed easily and hence minimised bio-waste. The mask could also be customised later with fittings like electronic filter, audio/video recording etc making it future-ready.

Deepak has partnered with Shilpa Salgia and Kanishk Kharbanda to set up a new company ‘Med Interventions and Beyond Pvt Ltd’ to produce the mask, and are being incubated at the Centre for Incubation & Business Acceleration, Goa (CIBA). They are collaborating with a Pune based design company to help with the final design, tooling and production process. Pathania said that they had also formed a subsidiary company in the USA to manufacture and sell in that country. Sudip Salgia, the director of the US company, is an alumnus of IIT-Mumbai, pursuing Phd in Cornell University.

Presently, the Multi-Mask has been featured on the US based crowd funding site, ‘Indiegogo’ to help attract funds to manufacture the product.  Says Pathania, “The idea was to make the product compete with the best in the world. Crowd funding platforms have a category for products in “prototype stage” and it is important to spread the word because pre-selling a product is a good way to generate capital and also get feedback on the product, acceptability and its pricing.”

Deepak has made a mark for himself with his popular, YouTube channel “d’Art of Science” which was among the Top 100 YouTube science channels in the world and its unique science based stage show, “FabLabShow” which has performed for audiences across Goa in 2018-19.

For more details visit https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/multi-mask-world-s-first-modular-mask-system/