Generating Ozone to eliminate germs – The First “Ozone Generator” handed over to the Alleppey district as a CSR initiative of Aries Group 


Goa Khabar:UAE-Based Aries Group handed over the first “Ozone Generator” as part of their CSR initiative. Ozone Generator,” named  which aids in killing harmful bacterias and viruses in our environment is the latest innovative equipment is of All About Innovations, an exceptional organisation comprising of a group of socially committed youngsters coming up with out of the box ideas and inventions. 

The very first instrument was gifted to the district of Alleppey by Shyam Kurup , Director Aries Group and  All About Innovations team of Sujesh S and Boniface Gasper.

Aries Group of Companies has always played a significant role when it comes to CSR activities. It has a remarkable history in helping people cope with turns of unfortunate events, both natural and man-made.

Wolf Ozone Protection converts the oxygen in the environment to Ozone and eliminating the harmful microorganisms surrounding us in a closed environment using the generated Ozone. The room has to be evacuated before the equipment is turned on, which ultimately kills any germs present. This is an innovative piece of equipment that will prove to be an inevitable element to make survival easy in today’s scenario.

Aries Group had started providing aids like ventilators, health care equipments and protective equipments for Police from the very beginning of the pandemic.