Four people rescued from rocky area at Keri


Goa Khabar: In a daring rescue, Drishti lifeguards today rescued two couples from the rocky areas with a swiftly rising tide at Keri beach.

Earlier today at around 15.30 hours at Keri beach two couples hailing from Arpora walked over a rocky area towards the freshwater lake of Arambol. Since it was during low tide, parts of the rocky areas are exposed and the duo climbed over to the other side.

On their return the couples noticed that the water level had risen due to a change in the tides. They managed to cross a short distance however the rising water levels made it extremely difficult for the duo to make the journey across back to the shore. Sensing danger they called out for help.

Out on his daily routine patrol, lifeguard Girish Talkar spotted the couples in distress. He alerted the Keri tower to send in a backup team who rushed to the spot. Simultaneously the police and fire department were alerted.

The lifeguard rushed into the rough waters which was rising swiftly in an attempt to reach the victims quickly who were panicking and could lose their footing and be swept into the rough waters. The lifeguard reached the couples, secured them onto a rescue board and gave them the necessary instructions and managed to bring the couples to the shore safely. Lifeguard Girish was assisted by lifeguards Vikram, Dhako and Virendra.

Back on shore the vitals of the couple were checked and safety advice was shared with them. As they were fine the victims were safety escorted out of the beach area.
The entire rescue operation was coordinated by LIfe guard area incharge Amit Mahale

The victims were very grateful and said they didn’t realise how quick and well coordinated the response could be.