Fishing boat capsized in Mobor. Four safe, one missing


Goa Khabar: In Mobor, a fishing boat capsized earlier this morning. The five fisherman on-board were thrown into the rough sea waters. While two fisherman managed to reach ashore by swimming, one was rescue by a Drishti lifeguard posted in Mobor while the other was assisted by a water sports operator on a jetski. One of the persons who fell overboard is still missing.

The rescue occurred on 24th Oct about 1010 hrs at Mobor beach when a fishing boat comprising five fisherman capsized at the mouth of river. The lifeguard on duty at Mobor Nitish Velip received a call from the coast guard explaining about the incident and requested for assistance. The lifeguard radioed the nearest tower in Cavelossim to launch the jetski for rescue assistance. Meanwhile the lifeguard Nitish rushed into the waters with a  rescue tube and assisted the victims who were signalling for help. The lifeguard swam towards the victims and secured one victim with the help of a rescue tube and brought him to shore safely. Simultaneously a water sports jetski arrived at the spot and secured the other victim and brought him to shore. Two other victims swam to shore safely.

As per the information received from the survivors, one more person was on the boat. The lifeguard on the jetski went into the sea to look for the fifth victim, but it was very difficult to trace him as the boat had capsized. Meanwhile, the coast guard helicopter also reached to the spot. Coast guard team is in the process of looking for the missing person.

With IMD issuing a red alert in Goa the state is witnessing heavy rains across many parts of Goa. The weather along the coast has led to extremely rough sea conditions, high waves and strong undercurrent. Red flags have been posted across all beaches under Drishti’s surveillance indicating that these are strictly non-swim zones.