Fauji Daddy believed in ‘two for joy’ while adopting monpa girls from Karmbhoomi

Goa Khabar:Perched on the top of Himalayas, Major General Rajesh Kumar Jha who was then commanding the five mountain division in the land of dawn-lit mountains decided to adopt monpa kids.
“In 2018, when I was posted in Arunachal Pradesh, my wife insisted to adopt girls and keep them with us for better grooming and parenting. God has given us so much, hence, we wanted to contribute something to the society. Therefore, we brought home two children from two different families,” Maj Gen Rajesh said.
The elder child Rinchin Norzom originally belongs to Monpa tribe from Mukto while younger one Tenzin Lhamu has a Tibetan origin settled in Mago village. Both the children are currently seven years old studying in class two of Woodbridge school, Nainital. They were adopted from the orphanage cum school, Manjushree Vidyapeeth, Tawang, run by Padmashri awardee Phuntsok Lama.
“They have become a part of our family now. Our biological children have accepted them as their own siblings and the two new lives are absolutely bundle of joy for us. So my wife and I were given the authorisation as Sponsor Guardians by Manjushree Vidyapeeth which was duly authenticated by the district administration of Tawang. Even the CM of Arunachal Pradesh appreciated this act of bringing up two orphan girls of the state,” Maj Gen Rajesh informed.
Celebrations spark joy. And joy facilitates learning. Therefore, by incorporating gratitude practice in their life, Major general Rajesh and his entire family is recounting love.
“Both of them participated in dance competition and it was a big win for Rinchin. Our entire family celebrated her win and that’s how we have developed strong bonding from small events of life. There are days when I don’t feel like exercising and they push me for work out. When I come home after long day in office, they ask me for tea or coffee. Their intent to do something by themselves shows how they are taking ownership,” he narrated.
Perhaps the rich set of routines and rituals solidified the affection for each other. “The kids don’t allow anyone else to sit beside me while dining. Today, they have banned me from entering the room as they are prepping up for a Father’s Day special surprise,” he laughed.
“Initially there were language barriers as they spoke Monpa. Their accent ‘Hum apne haath se papa ko khilayega’ or ‘Papa ko proud feel karayega’ makes me feel even more special. They say, they want to grow up and become an officer like me. Both the girls want to support underprivileged children once they grow up,” Maj Gen Rajesh smiled.
In fact, the second innings of motherhood have become eventful for his wife Mrs. Anupama Jha. From regular Yoga to teaching them Hanuman chalisa, is not only helping their roots to grow strong and deep but also keeping her active both mentally and physically.
“The day starts with Yoga and prayers, followed by Zumba, online classes and cycling in the evening. The routine life that is now making them grounded will certainly help them fly one day.They are naughty but they never lie. One of them loves to run and play while the other one is a treasure of talent,” Mrs. Anupama replied.