Fantasy film screened at Film Bazar by students from LV Prasad film institute Chennai


Goa Khabar:A group of ten young minds from L V Prasad film institute Chennai has flocked together to connect and decipher the world of  dreams and reality.

“Our film is about the juxtaposition of genres blend into a fantasy world where boy named Freud wakes up with a horse tail which others cannot see,” narrated the producer Vignesh Sundaresan.
The film revolves around an old oracle under a banyan tree that prophesizes slowly turning him into a horse. His Mathematics professor deduces that the dream represents a forgotten woman from his past. An expert astrologer interprets his dream as impotence. Piecing together the puzzle, Freud was visited by the woman from his dream. The spirit of the Rainbow and Van Gogh helps him to reach the parallel world of his tragic childhood through an old well.
“Reality and dream world is parallely shown in his dream. The characters that he come across in his dream help him to crack puzzles in the reality. He decodes the characters and finds a way of living,”  cinematographer Karthik Muthukumar added.
The ‘Kuri Solra Inam’ is a caste of tribal interpreters of dreams who used ritualistic practices to heal: a landscape lost to modernization and cultural homogenization. Tamil, an ancient language/people is fighting to survive this hegemony. Freud, Lacan and countless others have all contributed to shaping the deterministic grand narratives of modern psychology or even ways of rejecting them.
” Eastern Mysticism tends to construct explanatory systems for psychic distress. A girl who commits suicide by jumping into a well becomes a myth about a goddess Neeli who sprouted wings and flew away,” explained Assistant Editor Antony Ambrose.
According to them, the narratives only become problematic when they are worked up into a grand form that claims precedence over the multitude of little narratives that any society contains. Sub-altern studies, in general, have thrown ways of exploring this rhizomatic multiverse.
“The fantasy world is not always taken seriously. So we wanted to portray how the mind played a big role in the film and laced through reality,” Antony said.