Drishti lifeguards rescue three over the weekend


Goakhabr:Over the weekend, the state witnessed three separate incidents where victims were rescued by Drishti lifeguards from rough sea conditions.

One of the victims was a local resident of Siolim while the other two were tourists visiting Goa.

The first incident occurred on Saturday evening when Sioilm based Kiran Tamankar ventured into the sea for a dip at Morjim. While swimming he was hit by a huge wave and got trapped in an underwater current which dragged him 10 meters further off shore.

Drishti lifeguard Uddesh Naik who was manning Morjim beach noticed the victim, immediately alerted the lifeguard tower and rushed to the spot with a rescue tube. The victim was secured and brought ashore safely.

Upon recovery, after he threw up a lot of sea water the local faced breathing problems. His airway was cleared and oxygen were administered immediately. Simultaneously a call was placed to 108 but since the ambulance did not respond, the victim was shifted to the Primary Health Centre in Siolim via the lifeguard jeep. During the diagnostic check-up the doctors informed the lifeguards that the victim was stable.

The following day two Russian tourists were rescued, one in the Morjim and the other in the Palolem.

In Morjim, a female tourist who was swimming was dragged into the sea by an underwater current. She was rescued by lifeguards Sahadev Narvekar and Dinanath Tandel. In the other incident another lady was caught into a rip current at Palolem beach and drifted about 50 meters seawards. She was rescued by lifeguards Subhash Gaonkar, Rajendra Velip and Prakash Velip. Both victims were secured and brought ashore safely. Upon a primary check-up there were no abnormalities found. Hence, the victims were released after being briefed on safety measures to be adhered to in the sea.

Drishti Marine had issued an advisory, owing to an alert from Indian National Centre for Ocean Information Service (INCOIS) where high energy swell waves were expected on 21 and 22 April 2018.

Drishti, the Goa state appointed lifeguarding agency had cautioned beach goers and tourists to avoid venturing into the sea on these dates owning to the rough sea conditions.