Defence Minister Nirmala Sitharaman to inaugurate “Goa Maritime Conclave -2017


Panaji : Towards fostering friendly relations with country’s maritime neighbours, the Naval War College (NWC), Goa is scheduled to host its maiden ‘Goa Maritime Conclave – 2017’ in Goa. The Conclave will be attended by Chiefs of the Navies / Heads of Maritime Agencies of ten countries: India, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Maldives, Malaysia, Mauritius, Myanmar, Seychelles, Singapore, Sri Lanka and Thailand. The Conclave will be inaugurated by Honourable Raksha Mantri, Smt Nirmala Sitharaman tomorrow  (Nov.1). It is aimed at establishing academic excellence, sharing of ideas and finding collective solutions to maritime issues of interest in the Indian Ocean Region (IOR). The venue for the conclave is INS Mandovi, with programmes also planned for the dignitaries at the imposing Aguada Fort as well as one of the oldest Portuguese forts, the Reis Magos, being a fitting tribute to the rich maritime history, culture and traditions of Goa which date all the way back to the second century BC.

The two day conclave, with its central theme being “Addressing Regional Maritime Challenges,” will focus on emerging maritime threats, force structuring, maritime domain awareness, maritime security architecture and challenges in IOR. The first day will comprise a seminar and, on the second day, interactions between the Chiefs of Navy are planned.  Informal discussions and social engagements are also planned during the event. It is thus an ideal forum to build synergy among the participating countries and address areas of common concerns with greater engagement, transparency and, more importantly, building friendship and cooperation.

As the Indian Ocean Region becomes the focus of the 21st century strategic landscape, it is natural for the Indian Navy to play a constructive role in bringing together uniformed and non-uniformed personnel from neighbouring maritime countries, who have a stake in the formulation of policies, strategies and implementation of operational concepts in the maritime domain.

The Naval War College, Goa, earlier known as the College of Naval Warfare, was inaugurated on 17 Sep 1988 by the then Raksha Mantri, late Shri KC Pant at Karanja, Mumbai. Since then, the College has evolved, grown in stature and is one of the leading military institutes in the country, which aims to develop strategic thought, vision and knowledge on policy matters among future leaders of the Indian Armed Forces as well as officers from friendly foreign countries