CM should sack Michael Lobo: AAP

Michael Lobo Must Resign: Tilve
Goa Khabar:AAP has demanded immediate action against Michael Lobo based on the orders passed by the ex Lokayukata Justice (Retd.) P.K.Mishra.
Ex Lokayukta made clear observations of deliberate delay in granting permission of a construction license from the office of Michael Lobo, the then chairperson of NGPDA. Lobo misused and abused his official position to do undue harm and loss.
“Its a clear case of forgery, there are two different letters under the same inward no. 1231 dated 21st March 2018  with same reference number. Lokayukta made clear observations that second letter was manufactured and planted in the records of NGPDA with connivance of Panchayat. Why  are there two letters with the same inward number? What were the intentions? This is a clear case of forgery and a case must be booked under sec. 420 of IPC against Michael lobo”, said Surel Tilve, AAP Spokesperson.
Also, as per the advise of NGPDA the panchayat’s sarpanch and secretary have manufactured a protest letter against the construction.
“What was the urgency of procuring a handwritten protest letter? Who was giving advise to panchayat from NGPDA office? If you go through the order details of Lokayukta it is evident the Michael Lobo had wrong intentions. Lokayukta was very valid in pointing out that Michael Lobo is unfit to be a Minister. if he is upto such kind of forgery and is in a habit of abusing power, he will create more problems for Goans”, said Surel Tilve.
We are ready to help CM to read and understand the lokayukta order if he has problems understanding it. These observations are not small, forgery is a big fraud and CM’s silence on this matter is indeed questionable.
“I want to ask CM Sawant, when will you stop protecting corrupts? Who is stopping you to take actions? Goans are loosing hope, do something, sack lobo now”, said Surel Tilve.
AAP salutes the courage and honesty of justice (retd.) P.K.Mishra. It is a matter of shame for us that he left his house without getting a proper farewell. He rightly said that ‘only God can save Goa’ because the way this Govt is protection corrupts things will only turn bad.