CM is busy in blame game as covid mismanagement looms large : Rohan Khaunte

Goa Khabar : Independent MLA Rohan Khaunte blamed the state government for largescale mismanagent of Covid-19 in the state due to which people are losing lives.
Khaunte said that whenever he has criticized the government, he has also shown willingness to cooperate and do hand holding with the government.
I have been vocal in giving my suggestions but when 74 people die over four days due to lack of Oxygen is something not acceptable.
“The government will have to take the entire responsibility. The things were streamlined only when High Court intervened, this shows the government does not have any vision or intellectual thoughts,” he said.
The Porvorim MLA pointed out that in order to implement the decision of HC, which has asked to provide Oxygen to the patients in GMCH, State government has stopped providing the Oxygen to those people who are Home Isolated.
“I demand that CM should streamline the administration,” he said.
Khaunte said that the recent decision of not allowing the filling of Oxygen cylinders without a prescription has led to a situation where the patients who are at home are gasping for breathe.
He said that many patients with less oxygen level has also been discharged from the hospitals due to scarcity of beds.
“Where will these patients go? The person who is already in trauma gets more traumatized,” he said.
Khaunte said that the state government wants to lessen the number of deaths at GMCH and South Goa District Hospital but eventually adds up to the mortality of patients who are in Home Isolation.
“The deaths will continue because of unavailability of oxygen,” the MLA commented.
Khaunte said that there is a mismatch in the bed statistics provided by the private hospital and the record of the state government.
Maximum private hospitals are not having beds, so when people go there, patients don’t get the beds.
He said that the state government has failed to address issue of DDSSY in the private hospital. “CM is not doing anything to ease out the situation. He is busy in blame game and shifting the responsibility.”
“If you cant talk, don’t talk, and don’t talk, if you cant talk sense,” Khaunte commented.
When CM has no sense in talking these thngs happens, this will demotivate the GMCH staff and corona warriors, he said urging the CM to stop the blame game.
“When I am talking to you, it is a voice of a person who is in panic mode. I am representing demands of the people,” he said.
The MLA said that the government should start working on support staff for covid care centres. “CM should stop looking at only BJP constituencies and conceive his plan considering Goa at large,” Khaunte said.
The MLA recalled that he has been insisting right from the first wave to commission Super Speciality Block of the GMCH. They had ignored it all along and now have began shifting the patients to Super Speciality Block.
“It will take time to get the economy back on the track. It is entirely responsibility of the government,” he said.
Talking about vaccination, Khaunte said that the things needs to be streamlined by taking MLAs into confidence.
He said that the gap between two vaccines indicates that there is shortage of vaccines.
Khaunte said that every death is a liability of this government. He stated that the government should provide the information on how will the families of these victims would be compensated.
Government can give one time grant or provide pension to such victims, he added.