Chef Gracian de Souza conducts 1st Goan Portuguese Culinary Pop Up


Goa Khabar:The well travelled Mumbai based chef, Gracian de Souza chose to return to his roots in Goa to conduct a two day Portuguese and Goan culinary pop up, at The Project Cafe in Assagao, recently. This very special menu was inspired by Gracian’s recent travels to Portugal where he explored the country’s authentic cuisine.

The recipes brought together modern renditions that marry Portuguese and Goan flavours. The dishes are hugely popular in Goa, but some are rarely available which made this a spectacular treat for the limited guest list.

The menu was abundant with seasonal vegetables, seafood and meat. The diners enjoyed a delicious five course meal which included the famed Alentejo style pork, Arroz with Goan Balchao, Chicken Liver Mousse and Goan Choriz Pate. Diners got to pair these tasty dishes with innovative storied cocktails, which were curated by Chef Gracian.

The guests also had the opportunity to chat with Chef Gracian and discover about his gastronomic journey, while learning about some of the secret ingredients. The occasion was further enhanced by the beautiful music; candlelit seating, cool weather and company of the other guests. Familiar faces such as writer Vivek Menezes, Kimmy and Shantanu Sheorey of the One School Goa, Chef Bawmra Jap, and many others were present. Due to the success of the event, the Project Cafe plans to conduct similar events in future.