Amidst lockdown, lifeguards rescue 26 year old male in Arambol




Goa Khabar: Earlier today a 26 year old male from Himachal Pradesh was rescued by lifeguards posted at Arambol.

At around 1645 hrs at Arambol beach a group of 3 to 4 shack workers ventured into the sea for a dip. One of them got caught in a rip current and drifted 60 to 70 metres into the sea. Lifeguard Arun posted at Arambol noticed the male in distress and placed a call for backup which was received by the supervisor on duty, lifeguard Antonio. Lifeguard Antonio immediately launched a jetski and rushed into the water and retrieved the victim and brought him safely to the shore.

The victim was a 26 yrs old male from  Himachal Pradesh. He was employed by a shack and lives on the beach shack which has now been shut.