Ambidextrous students honed in a distinct village of India.

Goa Khabar(Nibedita Sen):  Just ten per cent of the population are left handed – and only one per cent can write with both hands. But all 300 students at Veena Vandini School in India are ambidextrous. Some are even able to write with both hands at the same time – in different languages.
Vilakshan Pratibha (Amazing Talent) is a documentary film made by a Mumbai based filmmaker Bipin Choubal which shows how the teachers hone the skills of these students.
“The village of Budhela, in India’s Singrauli district of Madhya Pradesh, India, could possibly have one of the wonders of the world – a school of about 300 children who are trained to be ambidextrous. The teachers over there are so dedicated to India that they are not ready to be filmed or teach outside India. Infact they want people to visit the village in order to learn the craft,” he narrated.
 Ambidexterity is defined as the ability to use both the right and left hand equally well. Birangad Prasad Sharma, the founder and Principal of Veena Vadini Public School, trains children from an early age to write using both hands at the same time.
“These children not only learn to write six different languages – Hindi, English, Urdu, Sanskrit, Roman and Arabic but also can write in two different languages at the same time,” he elaborated.
With about only one percent of the population having the ability to be naturally ambidextrous, this documentary explores the unusual but amazing talent of an entire school being able to do so.
“I have met filmmakers from Japan and Korea to visited the village and invited the principal of the school to teach this skill and talk about it. But the principal has respectfully refused to do so. The filmmakers from abroad were not even allowed to click pictures of the school. They could only do an interview. I being a privileged Indian decided to make this film and talk about it,” Bipin said.
The documentary also presents opinions and views of ex-students, parents who have enrolled their children, adults who have enrolled themselves and experts from the fields of Psychology and Psychiatry.
“Besides interviewing the principal of the school, taking to the students and their parents, I have also spoken to the psychologists and psychiatrists regarding this. They have mentioned both negative and positive aspects of it,” he said.
 While there is consensus that Veena Vadini Public School is training students in a remarkable skill, it remains to be seen how relevant this skill will be in the overall development of a child and if this ability can be successfully used in other facets of life.