AHOY MARINA clarifies on issues


Goa Khabar: AHOY MARINA will principally provide parking, repairing and maintenance facilities for small boats and yachts. AHOY is a service industry to facilitate tourism and will principally provide Parking, Repairing and Maintenance facilities for small boats and yachts. A Marina is a berthing / parking facility for local boats, sail boats and yachts. It is a service industry, boat repairing service that provides servicing, maintenance and ensures the safety of boats parked in the facility. We will provide: Standard boat parking, boat repair and maintenance including minor repairs, etc. (also for local boats), Yacht club, environmentally friendly Boat Fuelling HSHD & Petrol without spillage (also for local boats), OEM Specialized services, Yacht school, Catering, Laundry services for Sailors. ISO STANDARD CLEAN, GREEN AND POLLUTION FREE

NAUXIM: and surrounding areas was tendered by MPT (under Indian Shipping Ministry, Government of India). We DID NOT select the MPT Waters of Nauxim village. We have applied for environment and forest  MOEF, clearance and the public hearing is conducted by Goa State Pollution Control Board, for the purpose of listening to the citizens / public as per government norms. We have not applied for CRZ clearance as of now.

Lease for WATER AREA: On the point of Development in survey numbers 23, 24 and 25 of Cacra Nauxim – 23 and 24 is inhabited and 25 is under the CRZ area. We only have lease for WATER AREA from MPT. All our development is on the water area as per the lease deed.

POLLUTION: We stand committed to our vision of a Green Marina Standards Without Pollution As Per International Standards. Ahoy Marina will follow the Green Marina building code, which is also compatible to coastal environment and has no discharge or discards.

LAND: There is absolutely NO DEVELOPMENT by us because our marina is totally bounded by the lease deed in the water area.

WATER: we want to point out that only an area of 100,000 sq metres which converts to approximately 300 sq metres x 333 square metres will be used for our project

INVESTMENT: AHOY MARINA’s Original investment was 200cr. based on the inflation it has to be reworked, once the project gets all approved licenses.


DREDGING: The sea bed is rocky in some areas and dredging is required, to achieve the desired draft, dredging and the use of the dredging material is approved by Ministry of Environment and Forests, MOEF, and they have guidelines which will be followed.


JOBS: We will be giving job priority to the applicants coming from Goa Employment Exchange. The jobs at AHOY MARINA or any Marina for that matter are based on the berths provided. We envisage many jobs, as per our estimates, from various Skilled Jobs and unskilled jobs, like Mechanics, Technicians, Dock Supervisors, Deck Hands, various Operators, Electricians, Maintenance Supervisors, Store keepers, Sail Training instructors, and assistants, Tandels/ Khalasis, Admin jobs for the office area’s etc. In addition many jobs will be outsourced to Vendors for security, laundry, land tours, Canteen etc.

Marine Bio-Diversity: AHOY is also drawing heavily from global case studies which establishes that our infrastructure does not destroy or reduce marine bio diversity but contributes towards increased marine bio diversity.


What Are the Benefits to Goa?

    • State Taxes on all services
    • Growth in economy over a wide spectrum from tourism for every group of Indian and domestic tourists, whoever has a genuine interest in marine life, boats, water sports

  • Increased employment of both direct and indirect employment opportunities under marine and hospitality services provided for employment for Goans via Goa Employment Exchange. This is the first priority through Goa Employment Exchange.
  • Repair, fuelling & maintenance of locally owned boats in an ecologically friendly manner
  • Put Goa on yachting circuit
  • First of its kind marine education and skill development centre in the country, sailor education with international certification for overseas employment
  • Worldwide Promotion of Goan culture
  • Improvement of the surrounding area under corporate social responsibility on an ongoing basis.

How Will We Support Local People And Community?

  • Direct & indirect employment opportunities for local youth
  • Exposure to technological development of yachts & yacht handling in real time
  • First of its kind for education and skill development center in the country, sailor education with international certification for overseas employment
  • Improvement of existing infrastructure & logistics like environmentally friendly floating


  • Additional Revenues to Gram Panchayat
  • Participation in commercial initiatives for local small businesses
  • Ready market for the sale of fish for local fishermen
  • Exposure to technical services related to development & maintenance of yachts
  • Up-liftment of the quality of life of local people
  • Our assistance in providing facilities for local fishermen parking, repair, upgrading their boats.
  • Our Assistance in education of local children
  • Encouraging & guiding local youth to become young entrepreneurs, Be self-employed as restaurateurs, Laundry services, Land tours, Water sports, Curio shops,
  • Daily services at doorstep ( Bank / Post office / Telecom)
  • Market for fresh catch and products like fresh produce, grocery, supermarket for daily essentials etc.
  • CSR measures on a consistent basis will plan for the welfare of locals.