Activists, NGOs, Political leaders express solidarity for RTI Activist Rajan Ghate


Goa Khabar:On Sunday, the third day of his hunger strike, support for the National RTI award winning activist Rajan Ghate grew with many activists, NGOs and leaders from different political parties joining him to express their solidarity. Aleixio Reginald Lorenco and other leaders from Congress, Jose Phillip De Souza and Avinash Bhosle from NCP, leaders from Shiv Sena, Tara Kerkar (Savera Trust), Subhash Velingkar (Goa Suraksha Manch), Trojan De Mello, and activists from various parts of Goa visited Rajan to lend their support.

Social activist Rajan Ghate is on an indefinite hunger strike at Azad Maidan, Panaji. Rajan’s demand is that the Chief Minister Mr. Manohar Parrikar who is ailing for the past 8 months must hand over his portfolios to some other able person so that the Government can start functioning in a better manner and people benefit from governance.

Congress leader Aleixo Reginald Lourenco was amongst the first to arrive in the morning and expressed his complete disappointment with the present state of governance. “If Goans are not getting justice, it is because of absence of CM and governance has come to a standstill. There are videos which are going viral where CM says a politician should call it a day if he cannot function mentally and physically. Even Ministers within his own Government have today started criticising him. CM should call it a day and close the chapter”, the Curtorim MLA said.

Subhash Velingker, the GSM Chief, was very vocal in his criticism. “Goans are very mild and tolerant. If what is happening here had happened in some other State, people would have dragged these leaders on the streets. They have done injustice to everyone. God will not pardon them. They should not take advantage of the people’s tolerance. All NGOs and political parties must come together forgetting their differences to ensure that the current mess is solved”, he stated.

Tara Kekar, Savera Trust, appealed to MLAs to understand the pulse of the people and withdraw support. “There are 9 MLAs, three from Goa Forward, three from MGP, and three independents, Govind Gaude, Rohan Khaunte and Prasad Gaonkar. These nine can simply withdraw support and Government will fall on its own. How can they allow such wrong things to go on?”, she said demanding the immediate resignation of CM or withdrawal of support by the MLAs.

“Administration has collapsed. This is not a charge made by some people opposing the Government but this is made by partners of the Government. Therefore, it is time for all people to come together, show their strength on this issue and see that administration is put on the right track as Rajan Ghate has rightly demanded”, stated activist / politician Trojan De Mello.

Kenneth Silveira, independent candidate who contested the by-polls against Parrikar expressed sadness over CM Parikar’s non-response to the activist. “If he is not even responding to an activist who is on a hunger strike in his own constituency, how can he be capable of running administration of the State?”, Kenneth asked.

Shiv Sena Spokesman Milind Gawas said, “We were the first to say that the administration has come to standstill. What we said four months back is turning true now. We had asked for dissolution of the government. Parrikar led government is not bothered about the people. We have made representations to the  Governor. But Governor is not interested in listening.”

“Government must be for, of and by the people and not entirely dependent upon a single or a handful of individuals for its efficient functioning.Nobody is indispensable. We must accept this reality of life. No matter what, life moves on. Government must too. In a democracy, people are supreme and need to be respected. There has to be a proper and thoughtful discussion on the leadership issue. Simply putting off for tomorrow what needs to be done today cannot be a solution”, stated Sandeep Heble, while expressing support of Goa RTI Forum to Rajan.


NGOs, activists and leaders from political parties who have joined the stir have said they will intensify the campaing and have requested others to join Rajan Ghate at Azad Maidan on Monday from where they will chalk out their future plan of action.