ABVP Goa Demands to conduct Final Year Exams in Online Mode

Goa Khabar : The outbreak of the corona virus has been greatly reduced through the tireless efforts of the central government, the state government and numerous health workers, but the situation is still fragile, in which case conducting offline exams can be detrimental.
ABVP Goa after consultation with educationists, senior professors and other stakeholders of education, have submitted Goa University a proposal which constitutes that the final year examination should be conducted online but 30% of total marks should be based on the previous semester examination and 20% of marks should be based on the internal tests. For the remaining 50% marks an online test must be conducted for the Final Year Students. ABVP Goa has also requested the university to make arrangements for re-examination for the students who are COVID positive during the examination period. ABVP Goa believes that Goa University should take into consideration the suggestions by Parents, Students Representatives, Student Organisations and other stakeholders of education while making the decision.