AAP challenges BJP to give just 1,000 out of the promised 10,000 jobs by December

Goa Khabar : Aam Aadmi Party has slammed the Bharatiya Janata Party for only announcing jumla after jumla in the run-up to the upcoming assembly elections in 2022. State Convenor Rahul Mhambre said that whether jobs or welfare schemes, CM Pramod Sawant has only made hollow announcements to mislead Goans while his corrupt Govt runs the economy and the state’s finances into the ground.
On the promise of 10,000 jobs, Mhambre said that Sawant made this promise before every election since he became CM, but it turned out to be a Jumla each time.
“BJP is worried after seeing the anti-incumbency among people, having nothing to show for the past ten years of BJP rule. They are desperate, and will even create fake letters to hand over to prospective candidates before elections, but these will not be worth the paper they are printed on after elections. Forget 10,000, I challenge the BJP Govt to fill just 1,000 Govt jobs by December”, Mhambre dared.
Mhambre also raised the issue of the Ladli Laxmi scheme, stating that the Sawant Govt was spurred into action only after AAP exposed the BJP for destroying Late Manohar Parrikar’s legacy by making the scheme almost defunct by delaying approval to thousands of applications.
“However, the BJP is using even this scheme as a Jumla. BJP MLAs are calling women to their party office to hand over “sanction letters” for Ladli Laxmi Scheme, but there is no clarity when the beneficiaries will actually receive the funds. After keeping applications pending for years, hardly 10% of the applications have been approved so far, that too after AAP raised the issue”, Mhambre said.
Mhambre said the BJP Govt has cheated the people on every promise, while increasing the burden on the common man through hikes on almost everything from petrol to electricity, and burdening small businesses with hikes in various fees, taxes and charges.
“The BJP came into power in 2012 with a debt of 6,000 crores, and today this is touching 20,000 crores. Not only has the BJP Govt borrowed money on our name, its corruption and misgovernance has put unemployment in Goa is at its highest while sinking the state’s economy to its lowest.”, Mhambre charged.