10 rescues today. 1 succumbs at Baga



Goa Khabar: At approximately 13.00 hours at Baga earlier today, two males tourists from Hubli ventured into the waters. Soon after the duo were caught up in a rip current and were dragged into the sea due to the strong current. Lifeguard present on shore rushed into the waters. Together the lifeguard and a water sports employee secured the one victims and brought him to shore. The other victim was secured to the surf board and brought to shore.  One of the two victims was unconscious. A call was placed to the 108 ambulance service and the victim was put in the recovery position. Vitals of the victim were found to be absent. CPR was commenced. The lifeguards on duty attempted to revive the victim with the AED (Automated External Defibrillator) machine before the ambulance reached the spot. The victim was handed over to 108 ambulance staff and a lifeguard accompanied the victim to the PHC. After conducting a diagnostic check-up, the doctors declared the victim was no more. The other victim who was rescued survived and was handed over to the family.

Today also witnessed a double rescue in Baga involving two male tourists from Telangana, a triple rescues in Candolim where three male youth all aged 23 from Delhi were rescued and a quadruple rescue in Calangute involving all males.

The state has witnessed 32 rescues in the last 72 hours alone.

With monsoons tapering and coming to an end, sea conditions are still rough. The monsoon has caused unusual sand erosion and unusually strong rip current that are yet to settle down. Visitors to the beach are requested to venture only in the swim zones which are marked with red and yellow flags by the Drishti lifeguards. Lifeguards monitor the sea conditions, wave heights and locations of possible rip currents each morning and set up the flags accordingly.  Visitors are cautioned to listen to lifeguards instructions and follow the flags at all times.